October 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

The October board meeting was held on October 13th at 6:00 PM via a video conference.

In attendance were:

  • Nick Shanny – President
  • Kristin Larson – Treasurer
  • Alan Davis – Secretary
  • Lisa Burke – VP Administration
  • Anker Berg-Sonne – VP Membership
  • Jerome Gangitano –VP Driving Events
  • Luis Rivera – VP Communications
  • Bill Seymour – Past President
  • Stan Corbett – DE Registrar

The Board approved the monthly Treasurer’s Report and the September Meeting Minutes and then discussed club activities, events, and general business.


Jerome reported that the final NER DE event on September 24 thru 26 went well.

In recognition of the NER DE community’s outstanding support of the American Legion Post 234, of which Stan Corbett is a member, they have presented a plaque to the club. Stan accepted that plaque on behalf of NER at the post’s monthly meeting held September 9th. The Board agreed that this would be good topic for an article as well as a submittal to PCA for the “From the Regions” section of the Panorama magazine and fort PCA’s “People Making a Difference”.

In other driving news, NER has one more autocross this season on October 23rd. Jerome reported that AX attendance has been slightly higher in 2021 with a significant increase in novice attendance that averaged 30% of the drivers.  The AX committee has decided to hold the annual NER AX party in January along with the NCR group at the Billiards Café in Ayer.

The Concours was a very successful event on October 2 and a perfect weather day.  The success of the Concours is highly attributable to the large number of volunteers, in addition to the Concours Committee, who helped conduct the Concours, particularly the judges. Dave Melchar, our Concours Chair, extends his appreciation to the Board for all the support and assistance provided.

NER’s Fall Sim Racing series begins the week of October 10. All participants will be driving the GT3 R with fixed setup for the ten-race series.


Luis reported that the latest data indicates that our web site is getting more viewers and viewers are spending more time on our site.

The next NER board meeting is scheduled for November 10th at 6:00PM on Zoom.

The Club’s monthly Board meetings are planned for the second Wednesday of each month and typically begin with a social period at 6:00PM and the official Board meeting at 6:30PM – although when it’s a Zoom meeting, the social piece is brief, and the meeting begins shortly after 6:00 PM.

Club members may attend any of the monthly Board meetings.  Please contact the Club Secretary ([email protected]) in advance of the meeting to confirm your attendance and the meeting time and place.