PCA Northeast Region

January 2022 Board Mtg Minutes

January 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

The January board meeting was held on January 12th at 6:00 PM via a video conference.

In attendance were:
Robert Jacobsen – President
Kristin Larson – Treasurer
Glenn Champagne\Betty Mae Mosley – VP Administration
Lisa Burke – VP Membership
Erick Aubin – Secretary
Jerome Gangitano –VP Driving Events
Luis Rivera – VP Communications
Stan Corbett – DE Registrar

Not in attendance:
Nick Shanny – Past President

The Board approved the monthly Treasurer’s Report and the December Meeting Minutes. A discussion of club activities, events, and general business followed.

Incoming Board Member Logistics – New board members, need access to the systems used for event and board meeting logistics, including:
▪ Freedcamp access is needed for Erick, Glenn, and Betty Mae
▪ Email address forwarding in place, Lisa looking for webmail access to the Membership account
▪ National needs updating for Membership reports (Lisa & Robert) as well as NER contacts; Robert submitted President’s Report at the end of December
▪ Porschenet updates are needed for activity chairs, including adding Charlie to the DE contacts. Stan will update the DE site as well as post the 2022 event dates. Luis will review other contact info on the site for updating.
▪ NER Zoom Admin login details will be posted in Freedcamp
▪ Board members to exchange cell phone contact information

Sponsorship/Advertising – Subcommittee met prior to board meeting and plan to have advertiser deck ready to distribute to past advertisers and sponsors by the end of January. DE welcomes ideas for new sponsors. Autocross, Concours, Ramble have lined up their sponsors for the year, DE in progress. Paul Skinner will be the primary contact for DE. For Autocross, Ramble and Concours, the chairs will be handling directly. Rally to independently solicit sponsors for the time being. Social events to be discussed as the dates are typically not defined this early in the year. All activity chairs must notify Kristin once sponsorships are solidified.

Administration – 4 events are lined up, including Q Car Care, Collings Museum, Porsche Norwell F1 Grand Prix viewing, SSA Tech Session. We are discussing Notch Brewery tour which lead to a conversation on COVID protocol or restrictions. Board agreed to plan events but monitor public safety measures, including CDC, state, local, and venue requirements as the year progresses. For cars & coffee events, Mark Shane has been named event chair and is working on a covered event at Cambridgeside Galleria. Board agreed to rebrand the events from Cars & Coffee to Porsches and Coffee as there is concern about our ability to police the behavior of non-club participants. A virtual winter warmer and possible tech session were proposed. Board welcomes volunteers from the membership population who would be interested in moderating or participating in virtual panel discussions.


● Gala Reschedule – The Board decided via email in late December to postpone the Gala from January 8th until a later date due to concerns about the recent increase in COVID infections and the possibility of needing to re-institute the use of masks or request attendees show proof of vaccination. In order to maintain event cadence (holding this event before the next season starts) and not overlap with other major annual events such as the Ramble or Summer Party, the Board proposed late March/early April dates with Gillette. Lisa will check if early April dates are available, with March 26th as the fallback option. The use of Communicable disease waivers was suspended July 1st of 2021 by PCA and will not be needed until further notification.

● Driving – DE and Autocross are finalizing 2022 budgets and will be close to the same as last year, with the possibility of additional revenue due to Calabogie and Mont Tremblant events being back on the schedule. Autocross could potentially have additional expenditure for comms equipment but will monitor the situation and notify the Board accordingly. Autocross will host the traditional school early in the season. Ramble is on schedule and has no concerns. There is an offer to help organize the spring rally, Jerome to forward Lisa’s contact information. Concours on track, no issues. Sim Racing continues to have fun.

● Communications – The 2022 content calendar google doc has been shared with the Board. There has been more traffic to the website both in terms of volume and frequency in recent months. Challenges continue in obtaining articles, content, and particularly event reports which are required by PCA national. To address the event report gap, a template has been circulated and posted to Freedcamp with the goal of simplifying the workflow and encouraging event attendees to assist. Discussion about means to upload reports directly will be taken offline by Jerome to contact Maddox.

● Membership – Our PCA Northeast Region currently has 3,383 primary and affiliate members. Anker analyzed email address availability per the December meeting minutes and determined that we do have contact information for almost all primary members and the concern about reaching everyone does not warrant further review. Lisa has yet to absorb all membership activities but will pursue taking on as much of the analysis and reporting capabilities that Anker built as possible as well as begin sending welcome emails to new members upon gaining access to the webmail portal.
The next NER board meeting is scheduled for February 9th at 6:00 PM on Zoom.
The Club’s monthly Board meetings are planned for the second Wednesday of each month and typically begin with a social period at 6:00 PM and the official Board meeting at 6:30 PM – although when it’s a Zoom meeting, the social piece is brief and the meeting begins shortly after 6:00 PM.
Club members may attend any of the monthly Board meetings. Please contact the Club Secretary ([email protected]) in advance of the meeting to confirm your attendance and the meeting time and place.