2023 Board Elections Nominees List: Time to vote!

It’s that time of the year again NER Crew! With transition to the new year comes changes in the club and we are looking for your vote to help us organize 2023’s board.

In accordance with the bylaws, the Nominating Committee has nominated the following individuals to the 2023 Board of Directors for the Northeast Region.

Additional nominees or slates of nominees for any or all offices may be proposed by members at any time up to 12/2. Please send these nominations to [email protected].

Such nominations should include a bio pic and signed statement from the nominees that he/she (they) will perform the duties of office if elected. We will then add additional nominees and send the final ballot out to membership by 12/9. The subsequent voting period is up to 1/4. 

The nominees and their biographies follow:

Nominee for President: Robert Jacobsen

Robert became a PCA member in 2012 shortly after purchasing his current Guards Red 993 while living in the greater Washington D.C. area. After purchasing the 993, Robert heard about PCA from a fellow member (Founders’ Region) while attending a Cars and Coffee event in Great Falls, VA. Originally from central Massachusetts, Robert moved back to Massachusetts in 2014, changing regions to NER. In 2016 Robert joined the NER board as treasurer and served for two years, followed by two additional years on the Board as the VP Admin.

Beyond any Porsche-related activities, Robert is an avid snowboarder, hiker, mountain biker, and anything else outdoors.

After starting his career with State Street Corporation in Boston, Robert then was responsible for the advisory services group for Cambridge Associates in Arlington, VA, and upon moving back to Massachusetts, now co-runs an independent registered investment advisory firm, Assabet Advisors, LLC.

Nominees for co-Vice Presidents of Administration: Glenn Champagne and Betty Mae Mosley

Betty Mae and I seek your vote as we return as 2023 NER Co-VPs of Administration.  Considering what NER accomplished in 2022, it’s hard to believe that it was only a 9-month season.

After we suspended events and rescheduled the Annual Gala to late March, the admin team went to work and produced 19 events all of which met or exceeded expectations.  The Newcomers meeting in April set a record of 95 attendees.  The summer party attracted over 140 attendees in 100-degree heat.  The Paul Russell event in November was fully booked in 9 minutes and 38.8 seconds. One of Roger Slocum’s SOBO Porsches & Coffee yielded nearly 100 cars.  In one of those events, a north of Boston member trailered his GT3 to the event!  We even rebranded our cars & coffee to Porsches & Coffee.  We produced a car show at Larz Anderson partnering and sponsored by The Boston Cup (run by NER member Rich Doucette),  and The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism which attracted several trailered cars, including a stunning 1 of 25 ever-manufactured 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25

The story of how The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT) and NER came together is long.
Passed down to Betty and me from Robert Jacobsen, via PCA National Executive Director Vu Nguyen,
was a request to bring their sponsored car to the NER season finale at Palmer. Very quickly I discovered
that CIDOT is the title sponsor of the Porsche Carrera Cup Racing Series. Which led to a direct
conversation with Porsche Motorsports North America. After several emails and multiple Zoom calls
Betty and I had with Porsche Motorsports North America regarding the delivery, maintenance, and
drivability of the car, they offered the services of world champion Patrick Long to drive the car on the
track with NER-registered drivers as passengers. The DE team agreed and created a raffle raising $3,000
for Patrick’s charity in the process.

The admin team sourced and onboarded two new NER sponsors, The Cayman Islands Department of
Tourism, and for the 1 st time ever (possibly), Porsche Burlington.

Historically, the VP Admin was a 1-person team. This year, we are a team of four and looking to expand.
In 2017 and 2018, I was VP Admin during a period of substantial and greatly needed change. Board
updates, a new website, the transition of the Nor’easter from print to a PDF online format, social events
throughout the region, and the summer party made its inaugural debut. The Gala, produced in a new
format and new venues, attracted consecutive record turnouts. Co-producing along the way was Betty
Mae Mosley.

Betty Mae is a Talent Acquisition Champion at Fidelity. She is a founding member of ASPIRE-Rhode
Island, Global co-lead, and mentor of the Fidelity ASPIRE program, where she created and implemented
a mentoring/buddy program concentrating on diversity and inclusion for interns across multiple
business units. Betty’s management and organization-building skills are outstanding and will be
transferred to NER as the club continues to move forward into the future.
Some people have a “better half”. In my case, Betty is my “better 7/8ths”. She is an excellent cook with
a fine taste in wines whose dinner invite is not one to decline.

Outside of NER, I invest in early-stage technology companies and enjoy options trading. I am a board
director emeritus of Launchpad Venture Group and serve on two boards one being Lucy’s Love Bus.
If you learn one thing about tech startups, is that change is constant. Innovation, evolution, and growth
are the norm, not the exception.

Betty and I live in Needham and West Tisbury with our two cats, Jabba the Hutt and George of the
Jungle. Like last year, they still cannot drive a Porsche 911, or drink Burgundy wines with excellent
food. We eat more oysters on Martha’s Vineyard, enjoy NER autocross racing, and plan our Stowe VT, ski and snowshoe Season.

Vice President of Driving Events: Kristin Larson

My name is Kristin Larson and I am honored to be nominated for the role of VP Driving of NER for 2023.   I have been a member of NER since 2009 with Dave Berman and we have owned 6 Porsches over the years.  We currently drive the “Apple” car at DE, both as Instructors.  While our recent focus as been on DE, we have also participated in Autocross and other socials over the years.  I have also been involved with PCA my entire life as I grew up going to race tracks as my parents both participated in DE and numerous other positions within NNJR. 

I had sent 10 previous years on the NER board as Treasurer, President and Past President and looking forward to going back on the board as VP Driving.  I have seen many advancements in my previous years on the board and encouraged by the desire to further the strength of board and all of NER.

Dave and I currently live in Acton, MA with our dogs Cam and JoJo and cat Blue.  Over the past year, in addition to track events, we go on daily walks with the dogs. 

Nominee for Treasurer: Bailey Bishop

I would be honored to represent you on the Board of Directors of the PCA Northeast Region, be your Treasurer, and I ask that you please cast a vote for me.

I live in Beverly, MA, have been married for 29 years to Robin, and have two adult children: a daughter, Mikayla, and a son, Bailey III. When not engaging in family activities or participating in car related events, I am helping people, including my fellow car enthusiasts, as a financial advisor and life insurance agent.

I have been a PCA and NER member for twenty years. I joined after purchasing a red 1986 Porsche 930, which is now a dedicated 650 rwhp track car. Over the years I’ve owned a 1997 993 C4S, and a 2002 GT2. I really miss the latter, but it was also primarily a track car, and while fun, it felt like a Sunday drive on track compared to the 930. NER has been great to me, but I have not been as active over the past few years. I am hoping to get more involved and give back to members by joining the board.

I am also a member of other car clubs because it’s a passion and belonging to the clubs enhances the ownership experience. I joined BMWCCA thirty-one years ago after buying a 1982 BMW 323i euro model, and Audi Club North America ten years ago when I purchased my current daily driver, a 2008 Audi RS4. I am in my fourth year as the North Atlantic Audi Club President and have also held the position of Secretary.

I have been a car enthusiast for as long as I can remember, drawing pictures of race cars as early as first grade. As soon as my father would let me, I was sitting on his lap, steering the car around my grandfather’s property. I bought my first car, a Volkswagen Scirocco, in 1982. I have since owned many cars, mostly European, and German to be more specific. When I buy a car, I always join the marque’s respective car club. Initially my car club activities revolved around HPDEs, but tours, educational and social events have also become a frequent activity.

Please allow me to work with and for you, and to share our mutual car passion together. I look forward to seeing you all at upcoming social, driving and educational events.

Thank you for your vote.

Nominee for Secretary: Erick Aubin

My name is Erick Aubin, and I joined the Porsche club in 2014. For the first few years I was in the club, the extent of my participation was reading a fancy PCA periodical. This was a little off-brand for me having been an avid participant in activities and eventually becoming a community organizer for the New England Honda S2000 Owners Club. 

Before I had my early mid-life crisis and purchased a 2006 Cayman S while my girlfriend was away on a business trip, I cycled through a number of sports cars from an MR2 Turbo to a Camaro Z28, the S2000, and a bunch of oddballs in between.

Fast forward to 2018’s Car Control Clinic and the reverse-psychology effort to get my girlfriend out to try Autocross which was a success, and we’re still heavily involved with it today.

After the last four years’ attempt to achieve competency at Autocross and getting to know the members of the community at various social events, I am honored to be nominated for club secretary in 2022. I’ve been able to observe the inner workings of the Board’s Zoom meetings for the last year or so with Lisa’s involvement as VP of Administration, and I believe I am ready to take on the important task of sharing that experience with all of you in the monthly meeting minutes.

It’s been 7 years since I got my first Porsche, and my enthusiasm has manifested itself into a second mid-life crisis where I picked up yet another Cayman in 2021, this time the GTS 4.0. If elected, I look forward to bringing this same enthusiasm to serving on the NER PCA board for 2022.

Nominee for Membership Chair: Lisa Burke

I’m Lisa Burke, and I joined the club in 2014 after my significant other purchased a surprise 2006 Cayman S while I was away on a business trip.  (Who, by the way, is the nominee for NER Secretary in 2022.) Prior to getting the Porsche, we enjoyed the social benefits of a car club as members of the local Honda S2000 group (and still do). Often people think social events are “nice to have” in a car club, but there is so much more to this community than performance driving events, and I was honored to head up the social activity planning as VP of Administration in 2021. 

In my first couple of years in NER PCA, I enjoyed the newcomers meeting, winter warmers, summer parties, and many a cars and coffee, but it was the Car Control Clinic, a.k.a. Autocross School (and the subsequent addiction to Autocross) that really cemented my appreciation for this club and the people in it.

In 2019 I took on the monthly email blast publication where I learned just how many events this club promotes, and in 2020 I was proud to report that along with fellow my fellow Rally Masters, we revived the family-friendly Gimmick Rally discipline for NER PCA. 4 down by the end of 2021 and many more to come!

I’ve been lucky enough to meet many of you at the gate for Autocross check-in, or as a volunteer at 2018 Porsche On The Mountain, during the silent auction at 2019’s Gala or more recently at the 2020 & 2021 rallies. For those I have not met yet, especially new members or those who haven’t made it out to many events in the past, I will do my best to pay forward the same enthusiastic welcome to you that was extended to me when I started getting out there.

For 2022 I’ve been nominated to move into the Membership Chair role, and I look forward to being a point of contact to welcome new members as well as helping our current members connect with the people and activities that will ensure they get the most out of their favorite Porsches and the PCA experience.

Nominee for Vice President of Communications: Luis Rivera

Hello PCA Friends!

Having worked on the Comms team this past year we have further digitized our communication, increased member participation and continue to bring more NER updates and news, from multiple channels right to your fingertips. While it’s been fun, its also come with challenges but the glass is half full! These are helping us think about where and how we continue improving our memberships’ overall Club experience.

In 2023 we are working to make the onsite experience easier for you, and creating more opportunities where you can share your PCA passion with other members (does the Winter Beaters Series ring a bell?)

Since my last run for a spot on the board, we got a German Shepard named Targa and another Cayenne More cars is a practical choice when they are practical daily drivers and did I mention the pup loves leather door handles as chew toys, boy what fun!

The 911 has bid me adieu and the 944 is also gone. Over the Summer, my old man and I built a Mini Cooper S Autocross toy (which seems to prefer lift time more than track time). That said, my addiction, sorry I mean love for cars is only growing and it has brought me to run for this Comms position again. 

If you vote for me, I can’t promise to end inflation and Global warming, but I can guarantee continued effort to enhance our overall club experience and making sure you have the right information to keep having fun and participating in all things PCA!

Hope to see you in January and thanks for your consideration!