May 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

May 2023 Board Meeting Minutes


The May board meeting was held on the 9th at 6:30 PM via Zoom video conference.

In attendance:

Bailey Bishop – Treasurer

Bill Seymour – Past President

Lisa Burke – Membership Chair

Glenn Champagne – VP Administration

Betty Mae Mosley – VP Administration

Charlie Kenney – DE Co-Chair


Not in attendance:

Robert Jacobsen – President

Kristin Larson – VP Driving

Erick Aubin – Secretary

Luis Rivera – VP Communications


The April Meeting Minutes had been posted to Freedcamp prior to the meeting and distributed via email. A discussion of club activities, events, and general business followed. 

Motion to accept treasurer’s report:

Quorum not available – vote will need to be taken via email. 


General Business

Discussed in-person meeting for June which does not seem to be coming together so we will continue via Zoom June 13th 6:30pm.



No news or excitement to report.



4 new Porsches & Coffee set up for chestnut hill & westwood

Q car care tech session confirmed for June 17th

Gala will be on December 1st, Friday, at Tupper Manor (25 hotel rooms, lovely views if no foliage and before dark)

Summer party will be 7/29 at Wachusett, contracts to be signed in coming days

June 10 Porsche Burlington wants help advertising their open house for Porsche’s 75th anniversary, hoping we can recruit 20 cars and post on our website (clarify it is not a NER PCA event).

Cayman Island event planning discussions to start next week

Roger Slocum will be passing the SoBo torch to Paul Soares



May 20th focus group with PCA National coming up to talk about the onboard experience for new members.



DE Meeting tomorrow for Thompson planning

Ground school included ~80 attendees

Charlie received the Newcomers attendee list and is working on correlating DE signups

Calabogie numbers are low. Trying to engage Upper Canada region but not able to reach their track chair or chief instructor. Lisa will pass along contact info for person she met at Parade last year.

No spring rally planned.

Ramble was great, as usual, new electronic GPS option worked out very well.

Dow rally is on track.

Autocross school was fun, nothing else exciting – business as usual


Need editor help to enforce proper tagging to help organize content on the site. 

A member the team met at the Newcomers meeting and expressed interest in helping, Brett will reach back out to her and CC Lisa who also met her at the Autocross School last week. 

Discussed SoBo photo formatting

The Club’s monthly Board meetings are planned for the second Tuesday of each month and typically begin with a social period at 6:30PM and the official Board meeting at 7:00PM – although when it’s a Zoom meeting, the social piece is brief, and the meeting begins shortly after 6:30 PM.

Club members may attend any of the monthly Board meetings.  Please contact the Club Secretary ([email protected]) in advance of the meeting to confirm your attendance and the meeting time and place.