SoBo Report: 6/4

As I am handed the reins to carry on the SoBo Porsches and Coffee from the husband, and wife
team of Roger and Rosemary Slocum I am feeling a bit excited and nervous at the same time. I
have big shoes to fill. So, on Sunday (6/4) down at Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, RI.
Roger and Rosemary have put this Porsche Event on the map here in our region, which now
draws folks from Boston and points north, west, and south.
I was informed that I should at least interview one possibly two new Porsche Newcomers, so I
thought I was doing good when I told Roger I had interviewed 2 newcomers.
But no, Roger then bumped me to interview at least 5 or 6 new Porsche Newcomers. He’s a tough
act to follow.
Here are the new folks came down to enjoy fellow Porschefiles.
As I pulled in around 9:45am there were a few cars already on the lawn….

Tom Amaral from Newport, RI was my first interview. He followed me onto the lawn in his Porsche 911 cabriolet. The car is finished in an exterior color called “Amaranth” on this 2014, cabriolet 991.2 generation. I can’t say I have ever seen this color with a camel leather interior which made for a very attractive combination. Tom has owned the car for 2 years. He found it at a dealer in Cherry Hill, NJ. He was ready to purchase a similar cabriolet in white from a private seller, but the owner’s wife did not want her husband selling the car. Tom absolutely loves taking backroad drives as often as he can.

Jonathan Porter from E. Greenwich, RI was on the lawn with his first Porsche, a 1989 Porsche 944 S2 model in Guards Red with Black Interior. As Jonathan prepares to attend his first semester of college this fall in Charleston, SC he will probably be the only freshman with a Porsche I would guess, although he will have to wait until his second semester to drive it as a sophomore student.  He purchased the car via Facebook Market Place in CT. His friend in Connecticut the one who checked out the car and gave the ok to buy it. He has since taken to a local Porsche expert who has performed the more important vital repairs such as the timing belt along with the water pump. Car has ABS brakes, Limited Slip Differential. There is more to repair and or replace on the car but for now the funds are going to the college. He tells me the car is a lot of fun to take it on the backroads and likes the 50/50 weight distribution of this classic transaxle Porsche.

Mike Israel from Providence, RI is a transfer to the club from the New Jersey PCA Region. He proudly showed me his 2018 Porsche Targa 4 GTS, 991.2 generation. The Targa is finished in Metallic Black with Silver and Black interior and accents. The was purchased new and Mike has now put 14,000 miles on the odometer to date and has been kept it very good condition. This is Mike’s second Porsche as his first was a 996 purchased from his Dad.

It was hard for this car not to catch my eye, along with many other folks’ attention. Jed Drake, Jamestown, RI brought his brand new 2023 Porsche GT3 finished in Speed Yellow with only 350 miles. The car was originally ordered by another client from the dealership but when it arrived it was the incorrect shade of yellow so that client refused to accept delivery. In a twist of fate, he told me that Porsche retired Speed Yellow back in 2014. So pretty sure we will not see any other GT3’s in this shade of yellow. Unfortunately, Jeff may have to part ways with this newly acquired GT Dream Car as his wife prefers a 992 Speedster instead in a more subdued color pallet. By the way this is Jed’s 6th Porsche that he has owned over the years. Jed is a GT Car Guy for sure, as he also owns a 2006 Ford-GT he was telling me. As they say, “Happy Wife Happy Life”, Jed.

As I made my way around to seek out some new attendees, my friend Brett came over to me and told me that I had to see something really special he just found. I met Randy Thompson and his girlfriend Taylor standing by a very rare 2022 Porsche 992 GTS Cabriolet “American” Series” 911 finished in “Azure” Blue with both Red and White special pattern stitching. This stunner is one of 100 in the US and 50 in Canada. This is an updated version from past decades starting in 1952, 1992, and now 2022 to commemorate Porsche coming to America. Porsche vehicles are not not new to Randy as he has always been a fan and has been multi-Porsche owner over of the years. He told me he has owned 10 Porsches starting with a 1986 Porsche 944 to his current 2023 Porsche GT3 Touring. Can’t wait to see more of Randy’s Porsche fleet when he returns to more Sobo’s this summer.

Brad Haynes and his wife Krissy Hanes from Portsmouth, RI are head over heels over their first Porsche. This is a rare 2022 “25th Anniversary Special Edition Boxster”. This one which is number 1,035 out of a total build of 1,250 units. Krissy fell in love with the Neodyne wheels, side blade vents, and frontend splitter. No expense was spared as this special Boxster came dealer optioned to the max, and the best part it was waiting in the showroom for someone to buy. Fun car to enjoy on the many backroads of our area. Have fun guys and enjoy your many adventures to come.

Author: Paul Soares