Seeking Our Next NER Ramblemeister

OK, we know you love NER and enjoy the many activities it supports – now we need your help.

The club is seeking our new Ramblemeister and if the position is not filled, then this amazing annual activity may not happen.

Do you know that our Ramble is the only event of its kind within the 147 regions of PCA? From the first Ramble at the Quechee Inn in 1985 to the present, this has been the signature event
of our region. Our ability to hold a Ramble of this size was grandfathered in – tours
in other regions are much smaller and run by different rules. Even the PCA
National Treffens are much smaller – they now go to the Woodstock Inn but that
facility can’t hold our Ramble.

We have members who have moved to Florida and ship their car up to participate! Dennis Friedman, our Ramblemeister since 2017, is planning to step down. If we can’t find a replacement the event might not take place.

A number of Ramblers have agreed to do some of the heavy lifting, but we
need someone who will take the lead role, and Dennis has agreed to stay engaged
in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Plans for the 2024 Ramble are well underway, and therefore, the next 8 months would provide an excellent opportunity to gain lots of insight into event planning and coordination.  The current thinking would be to announce the new Ramblemeister at the 2024 Ramble banquet.

However, if someone wanted to dive right in, it would be possible to take on the
leadership role right away. Don’t let this historic treasure go away!

If you are interested please contact our NER President and Nominating Chair, Robert Jacobsen: [email protected]