Autocross School

Welcome to the homepage of our annual popular Autocross School! A registration to the school includes a free registration to one of the five following regular season autocross events. Our Autocross School is meant for the young, the old, the uncertain, or the confident. Our goal is to develop your skills behind the wheel, get you comfortable navigating an autocross course, and put you on your way toward the podium!

The NER Autocross School is a full day including:

  • A Brief Chalk Talk describing the sport, techniques, and car control basics
  • Exercises with instruction incorporating AX elements (Slalom, Offset Clamshells, simulated sweepers, other elements)
  • Timed competitive autocross runs with instruction
  • Full speed rides with an instructor driver

Want to be a star pupil? Read through our presentation on Performance Driving and Autocross Fundamentals pdf and check out the NER-produced Autocross video series:

Part 1. Introduction & Preparation

Part 2. Rules & Driving Techniques

Part 3. Working Assignments

Even more!

Our friends at PCA National have also composed an excellent page covering autocross fundamentals Autocross Defined.

You would also profit by browsing the whole Autocross section on our website – see pictures and videos, read rules, look at classes, etc. And everyone interested is encouraged to join our friendly, high-signal and low-noise, Facebook group:

Finally, here is a short documentary this is autocross-specific and offers a little more background.  Note that our courses are not nearly as complicated (so don’t be daunted), we don’t allow kids in karts (sorry!) and we don’t use a PAX system – except for non-Porsches.