Instructor Development

Welcome to Instructor Development

Thank you for your interest in NER PCA’s Instructor Development Program. As Chief of Instructor Development, I’m excited about this program and expanding our instructor corps with new and qualified candidates.

For most of us, our vision of instructing high-performance driving is based on our personal experiences as beginning students and the instructors we had at that time. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but not always. By working with existing instructors and instructor candidates, we are committed to providing NER Driver’s Education participants with the best possible high-performance driving experience. We will do this with an instructor program focused on learning the potential of both the car and the driver in a safe and fun environment.

The objective of the instructor development program is to work with a team of experienced senior instructors to identify, recruit, train, and test qualified and committed instructor candidates each season. We have developed a mentoring program which pairs seasoned instructors with instructor candidates to hone their teaching skills and awareness of common student mistakes. The mentor is the candidate’s ally whose mission is to prepare the candidate for final testing and certification as an NER/PCA instructor. The instructor development and testing program is not about earning a red run-group sticker but rather about sharing our experiences over the years of instructing to enable each candidate to realize his/her potential as a high-performance driving coach.

For more information including eligibility requirements and the development process, please review the instructor development documents on this website. These documents describe the goals of the NER Instructor Development Program, what is expected of Instructors, the Instructor teaching and mentoring process, and the process to become an Instructor including a description of the driving, teaching, and technical tests, etc. The NER Instructor Application Form is used to apply for either the Instructor Development Program or the Instructor qualification tests.

If you are an NER member currently assigned to NER’s Black (advanced) driver run group or if you are already an instructor with another PCA region or another car club and interested in becoming an NER PCA instructor, I want to hear from you!

See you at the track,

Ann Anderson
Chief of Instructor Development