Boxster Spyder Speed Limitations

Boxster Spyder Speed Limitation

Written by Pete Tremper, National DE Committee Chairman
June 13, 2011

To: Regional President and Chief Driving Instructors (please forward to your CDI)
From: Pete Tremper, National DE Committee Chairman
Re: Boxster Spyder

The Owner’s Manual for the Porsche Boxster Spyder contains a limitation on the operating speed of the car while the convertible top is in the “up” position. As you are aware PCA DE Minimum Standards require that all convertible tops be in the “up” position during DE events. This minimum standard applies to the Boxster Spyder as well and will not be waived.

While it can be presumed that vehicle owners are familiar with operating limitations that have been imposed on the vehicle by its manufacturer, we are making you aware of this particular limitation in an effort to redouble the safety of our events. According to Porsche, the top may suffer damage above 200 KPH (124 MPH). The damage is not specifically stated and efforts to have Porsche provide us with additional information have not been successful.

Please remind Boxster Spyder owners participating in region DE events of this limitation on their vehicle and advise them that their speed must be limited to 124 mph at PCA events. Also advise the owners that PCA has no way of measuring vehicle top speeds at our events and that it is therefore incumbent on the driver alone to make certain that this limitation is followed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Please note: The Boxster Spyder speed limitations described in the June 13, 2011 article, “Boxster Spyder Speed Limitation” by Pete Tremper applies only to the roof structure of the original 2010/2011/2012 Boxster Spyders. The 2016 (981 gen) and the current 2020/2021 (718 gen) Boxster Spyders have a completely different roof assembly good to the cars’ top speeds of 180mph and 186mph (respectively).