Driver Education Requirements

  • Minimum age 18 with a valid driver’s license in hand at the event.
  • If a car on the track has a passenger, at least one (1) occupant must be an NER-approved instructor and the other must be a registered participant.
  • While we have professional corner workers at most events, most participants will have a work assignment. In fairness to fellow workers, any participant who is tardy or who fails to show up at his/her assigned station will forfeit time on the track.
  • No illegal or drowsiness-inducing drugs or alcohol consumption prior to or during the hours of the event; by any person attending the event, driver or guest.
  • The Technical Inspection area of this site explains many very important requirements to note prior to coming to the track. Of particular note are harnesses and brake fluid.

NER reserves the right to refuse any entrant’s event registration or to expel any entrant during the event.