Run Groups

Run Group Advancement Policy

NER has implemented a process to advance students to their next run group. This has been done to standardize the evaluation criteria used to advance drivers. It utilizes a check & balance approach that ensures a driver advances only when the driver and the NER DE Instructor staff agree that the move is appropriate and safe. In summary, here’s how it works:

Advancement through the run groups is self-paced based on each driver’s abilities and comfort level. Moving to the next higher run group is achieved by a driver successfully completing checkout rides in which he/she is evaluated against a defined set of parameters that the NER Track Committee feels is appropriate for each run group. Only the NER Chief Instructor or his designated instructors will be authorized to perform checkout rides. These evaluation checkout rides not only gain insight into the advancement applicant’s ability to execute at a minimum “specific items” listed on the run group advancement checklist but they also serve to confirm a driver’s ability and willingness to consistently display all of the less tangible qualities required for the run group for which they are being considered. The NER Track Committee believes this policy will a) help ensure consistency in all aspects of our student advancements as students progress through our Drivers Education program and b) elevate the educational value as well as the overall safety of our Driver’s Education events for all participants.

A checklist has been developed for advancing into each run group (Green to Yellow, Yellow to Blue, Blue to White, White to Black). The NER instructor(s) performing the checkout rides must evaluate the driver on each item listed on the appropriate checklist. “Competence” in all aspects of the checklist criteria should be considered minimum requirements for all advancement candidates.

The checklists are available on this website or at the track from the NER Chief Instructor. The appropriate checklist should be obtained before each checkout ride so the driver and instructor are aware of what needs to be evaluated.

Following a checkout ride, the instructor must complete and sign the checklist, and return it to the NER Chief Instructor. Once this is done, the instructor’s role in the checkout process is completed. It is the responsibility of both the driver and the Instructor to ensure that the appropriate checklist is completed and signed by the NER Instructor, and submitted to the NER Chief Instructor for further action.

Advancement to Yellow

All drivers new to NER’s Driver Education events are placed in the Green run group. Each Green run group driver is assigned a NER-approved Instructor for the event. Upon the NER Chief Instructor receiving a completed checklist from the driver’s Instructor recommending that the driver be moved into Yellow, the Chief Instructor will notify the student and the DE registrar that the driver will advance to Yellow at his/her next NER DE event. If the Chief Instructor deems it necessary the driver may be asked to take an additional checkout ride or rides.

Advancement to Blue, White or Black

For advancement into Blue, White or Black, the student will be required to take an initial and a final checkout ride with the NER Chief Instructor or their designee. Upon receiving the request or recommendation for advancement, the NER Chief Instructor will contact the driver to schedule the initial and final checkout rides. If the Chief Instructor deems it necessary the driver may be asked to take additional checkout rides prior to being advanced to the next run group.

If the advancement is approved, the NER Chief Instructor will notify the DE registrar and the student that the driver has been moved up. In almost all cases, a driver will NOT be moved during an event due to run group size and/or worker assignments.

If an Instructor recommends against advancement or if the checkout process is unsuccessful, the student will be notified and will remain in their current run group. The student will be briefed on what areas they need to work on and why they are not being advanced at this time. The driver may request another checkout at a future NER DE event.

Important Notes

Drivers will not be moved to the next higher run group unless the appropriate checklist is completed and signed by a NER-approved instructor(s).

Advancement into Yellow usually requires only a single checkout ride with the driver’s Instructor.

Advancement into Blue, White and Black requires a minimum of two checkout rides with the NER Chief Instructor or the CI’s pre-designated instructors.

Run group advancements usually will not take effect until the driver’s next NER DE event. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis if the advancement will not have an adverse effect on run group size or worker assignments.

Run Group assignments with NER and other PCA regions

While the Northeast Region (NER) of PCA and all other regions share the same basic principles for Driver Education events, each region is completely independent on how they assign and advance drivers in their DE events.

IMPORTANT – Your run group assignment within NER is not automatically accepted by other regions nor does the run group in your home or other region(s) automatically become your run group with NER. Likewise, if you are advanced to a higher run group by NER or another region, do not assume that this advancement is recognized and implemented by other regions.

NER members attending other region’s DE events

NER members who are registering in another region’s DE event are encouraged to follow the registration procedure defined by that region. If you feel that you have been assigned to a run group that is inappropriate for your ability and differs from your NER-assigned run group, you should contact that region’s DE registrar with additional information which may be used to make any changes that region feels is necessary. Information such as the run group you are assigned to within NER and/or you requesting that NER’s Chief Instructor send a short note to that region’s Chief Instructor on your behalf will help get you assigned to the appropriate run group.

Non NER members attending NER DE events

Non NER members who register for a NER DE event for the first time will be assigned to a run group that appears appropriate based on information provided to NER when registering for the event. If you believe that this level is not appropriate, please contact NER’s DE registrar with additional information which will be used to make any changes that may be necessary. Information such as the run group you are assigned to within your home region and/or a short note from your region’s Chief Instructor are extremely helpful and will be verified. NER reserves the right to require that the driver be evaluated on-track by a NER instructor prior to the driver being permanently assigned to a NER run group higher than originally assigned.

NER DE Run Group Advancement Forms