NER DE Event at Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant


07/08/2013 - 07/10/2013    
All Day


Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant
P.O. Box 2610, Mont Tremblant, J8E 1B1

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NER Driver Education Event co-sponsored by NCR

Note that this event is during the free Mont-Tremblant Blues Festival, making it a great opportunity for a family outing.  There will be a Wine & Beer Social when the track day ends on Monday. For important information on noise level requirements and resulting run group limitations Mont Tremblant Noise Levels.

Event Information:

Registration questions? Contact Mark Keefe, Registrar or 508-529-6127 before 8PM.
Event questions? Contact Stan Corbett, Track Chair, or 774-275-1621 before 9PM.

Hotel information for LCMT updated for 2013.

Touchette Tire will be supporting our event this year, providing tires and services as in the past. If you want tires waiting for you at LCMT please contact Manuel Solis at 514-977-8951 (cell) as soon as possible. The sooner he gets orders, the sooner he can make sure you have everything you need.