NER DE Event at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park


09/18/2015 - 09/20/2015    
All Day


Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
205 E. Thompson Rd., Thompson, CT, 06277

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NER Driver Education Event – Sponsored by South Shore Autoworks
Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (TSMP), Thompson, CT

Join us for our second of two events in 2015 at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, CT for our second annual 3-day weekend September DE event. About an hour from Boston, this track is even closer than NHMS for many of us. This road course was in use in various configurations on and off for many years starting in the 50’s and running through the early 70’s. It lives again as a 1.7 mile road course with a long, fast front straight and a set of more technical sections including portions of the NASCAR oval.

Event Information:

Registration for NER DE events is at Club Registration.

Registration questions? Contact Mark Keefe, Registrar or 508-529-6127 before 8PM.
Event questions? Contact Stan Corbett, Track Chair, or 774-275-1621 before 9PM.

Noise Restriction At no time may engine noises be in violation of TSMP’s 100 dB limit. The maximum instantaneous sound level (LAF max) generated by each vehicle on the track and measured by using the “fast” meter response (0.125 second) and the A-weighted decibel scale (dBA), shall not exceed 100 dBA at any time measured at a distance of approximately 50 feet from track center.

Garage Information All Garage Reservations will be made directly through TSMP. In an effort to make this process as convenient as possible, they will be accepting reservations on their website: Once on their website, hover over the “About” tab, then click on “Reservations.” Scroll down to the Garage area then click on “Book Now” to select dates. Or click this link to go directly to the reservation page: Garages.
Garage spaces are 16′ wide and approximately 30′ deep so they might hold 2 cars?
Rates are as follows: Cars (per stall):

  • One day: $60 + tax
  • Two day: $100 + tax
  • Three day: $150 + tax

Hotel information for TSMP updated for 2015. Thompson has acquired a Bed and Breakfast less than two miles from the race track. In addition to convenience, the property is newly renovated, and has the same commitment to the customer experience that they do at the race track. You may learn more, or reserve online here. Mohegan Sun is the official casino and hotel of Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, and is located a short 45-minute drive down the highway from the facility. Their rates are competitive, and they offer a great deal of entertainment, too. The Holiday Inn Express in Auburn, and the Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center are also offering preferred pricing for TSMP participants.

The Raceway Restaurant will be open during all events for lunch and dinner. Concession stands will also be open for breakfast and lunch during events for coffee, soft drinks, sandwiches, and the like.

Photography Information We are not using Clarus Studios, the official track photographer for Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, for this event. We are free to do our own photography with the restriction that these photographs CANNOT be offered for sale.