NER Novice Day and DE Event at NHMS


05/07/2013 - 05/08/2013    
All Day


New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 Route 106 North, Loudon, New Hampshire, 03307

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NER Driver Education Event

May 7th is our annual Novice Day combined with a full DE for signed off drivers. This will be followed on May 8th by a full DE day for all drivers. While it’s not essential that first time track drivers make this their first event, it’s certainly a good way to get started. Many of us got started in regular DE events without the benefit of a Novice Day so if you’re unable to join us in May, make sure you do give DE a try ASAP. You’ll be kicking yourself wondering why you waited as long as you did.

Novice Day is an opportunity to drive part of a NASCAR oval and the attached road course at NHMS with many other first timers. Whatever pucker factor there may be in one’s first track event will be spread among the 30-40 (normal new driver count at this event) like-minded drivers, new friends with whom to share your concerns and accomplishments.

Novice Program: There will be special classroom sessions with NER’s Chief of Novice Development covering basic driving, driving techniques, terms, fundamentals and objectives plus lots of time on track. Novices will be in their own run groups with experienced NER/NCR PCA instructors. There will be class time before you’re on track to help get you ready and later to answer your many questions.

Note: While details are still being worked out, the plan is for the Novice Program on May 7th to be focused on true Novices. Since registration numbers are obviously unknown, first-time DE participants will be admitted first, Green run group drivers with three or fewer track days will be admitted next. A wait list will be established for more experienced Green run group drivers and Yellow run group drivers who will be admitted only if there are more instructors than required for the Novice group.

Solo Drivers DE:  Drivers in the Blue, White and Black run groups may register for the May 7th and 8th event and participate in a normal DE both days.

Event Information:

Registration questions? Contact Mark Keefe, Registrar or 508-529-6127 before 8PM.
Event questions? Contact Stan Corbett, Track Chair, or 774-275-1621 before 9PM.