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      19″ Michelin Alpin PA4 Winter tires for sale by owner. 4 tires included (2 front, 2 rear). They are Porsche N0 spec tires and they fit 986/987/981 and 718 Boxster/Cayman (base, S and GTS). Front size is 235/40 R19 (92V); Rear size is 265/40 R19 (98V).
      Michelin claims 11/32″ tread depth new. I can tell you for certain that the new tread depth is actually 10/32″ because I just today received a new set of the same tires (different size for another car).
      So, how much tread life remains?
      The fronts have 9/32″ tread depth and the rears have 7/32″ tread depth. The WEAR BARS are 3/32″ from the bottom of the tread grooves, so a new tire has 7/32″ of usable tread before you hit the wear bars. That means the front tires still have 83% of their usable life remaining and the rears have 57% of their usable life remaining.
      A new set from Tire Rack costs $1,448. I’m offering these for purchase at $500…or 35% of the cost of a new set.

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