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2019 Slate for Board Elections

President: Bill Seymour
VP Admin: Robert Jacobsen
VP Driving: Paul Skinner
Secretary: Lisa Davis
Treasurer: Don Kelly
Membership: Anker Berg-Sonne
VP Communication: currently no candidates
Past President: Kristin Larson

Any member who wishes to include him/herself onto the final ballot should reach out to Kristin Larson, Nominating Chair, by October 20 at The final ballot will be sent no later than November 5, 2018 and will include a short bio for each candidate. The ballot will be sent to primary members via email so please be sure the email on file for you at PCA National ( is up to date, as we pull our data from that list.

We are actively seeking a candidate for the role of VP Communications (guides communications team efforts to produce the NOR'EASTER publication in coordination with website information and social media activity). This is a very important role that sits at the center of how our club communicates what will happen so that members stay up to date, what has happened so that we can preserve our history and pictures, and what needs to happen so that we all remain connected as a club. Should you be interested in joining the communications team in some other role or function, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Anker Berg-Sonne ( to express interest.

Any general questions can be sent to Kristin Larson (