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2019 Slate for Board Elections

Any member who wishes to include him/herself onto the final ballot should reach out to Kristin Larson, Nominating Chair, by October 20 at The final ballot will be sent no later than November 5, 2018 and will include a short bio for each candidate. The ballot will be sent to primary members via email so please be sure the email on file for you at PCA National ( is up to date, as we pull our data from that list.

We are actively seeking a candidate for the role of Membership Secretary. This role greets new members entering the club with a welcome email, ensures our membership retention is as good as it can be, and organizes our annual Member Welcome event in the Spring. If you are outgoing and can send email, we'd love for you to play this role for the club. There are many new ideas that can be implemented if you have the time and inclination. Another area of general need is communications, working with the VP Communications. We always need new content, photos, help crafting the monthly emails, and help submitting content to our national magazine, Panorama. Should you be interested in joining the communications team in some other role or function, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the communications team ( to express interest.

Any general questions can be sent to Kristin Larson (

Your slate of candidates for 2019 positions:

President: Bill Seymour
VP Admin: Robert Jacobsen
VP Driving: Paul Skinner
Secretary: Lisa Davis
Treasurer: Don Kelly
Membership: currently no candidates
VP Communication: Anker Berg-Sonne 
Past President: Kristin Larson

Candidate biographies:

President: Bill Seymour

pca Bill Seymour

I have served one year as President and seek to serve a second. The past year has been busy and challenging but, I think, productive. I continue to be concerned about the pace of change within PCA both locally and nationally. Here in NER we are updating the way we communicate with our membership – this will continue to evolve and require an approach that balances tradition with newer technology. From National there is a push to grow membership with some emphasis on including “four door” Porsches (which comprise about 70% of Porsche sales in the U.S.). I am concerned that we not sacrifice our heritage as a “Porsche sports car club” to become a “Porsche brand” club. We need to be open to new types of members but we need to first serve the needs of our current members.

I have been active in NER since 1994 and on the NER Board for a total of 7 years, serving as VP Activities (Driving Events), VP Admin (Social/Tech Sessions) and President. I was the Autocross Chair for 6 years and am an instructor in the DE program. For the past few years my wife Rosemary (formerly Lunch Lady at Autocross) and I have been the greeters at the Annual Dinner. I grew up in a Porsche household and still have my Dad’s 1960 356B. I also have a Cayman and share ownership in a 914-6 track car (which finally seems to be running well).

Last year I said I would champion the items below. Here’s a progress report…

• Improve board-to-membership communications and transparency. We are making good progress but need members to step up and help with the NOR’EASTER.

• Improve club management: create a repository for club documents, produce better definitions of board positions, establish procedures to train/transition new board members, preserve institutional knowledge, etc. Much progress on these and also on managing advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

• Have our region sponsor a Street Survival teen driver training event (check out We can’t find a venue that works so are not currently pursuing this.

• Repeat the membership survey (previously done in 2011 and 2015) to better understand what our membership wants. Hope to do this in 2019.

• Hold a Board “retreat” to draft what the club goals should be and then communicate these to membership for comment/approval. Will be discussed with the Board.

Thanks to a lot of dedicated people NER PCA had a fantastic year. 2019 is our 60th Anniversary year and it will be even better. Look for some new and exciting things (and please volunteer to help!).

VP Admin: Robert Jacobsen

Robert Jacobsen

Robert became a PCA member in 2012 shortly after purchasing his current 993 while living in the greater Washington D.C. area. The future ownership of an air-cooled Porsche was destined to be after riding in a 964 Turbo owned by a family member at the young age of 5. Fast forward to 2012 and a deal was struck to buy a Guards Red 993 the same day Robert planned on proposing to his girlfriend and now wife, Susanna. However, the purchase took much longer than anticipated and resulted in Susanna waiting to be picked up at Reagan National Airport for four and a half hours, dinner reservations cancelled and the plans for the entire evening thrown into disarray. In the end, miraculously she still said “Yes”. After purchasing the 993, Robert heard about PCA from a fellow member (Founders’ Region) while attending a Cars and Coffee event in Great Falls, VA. While living in the DC area for about three years, Robert attended numerous PCA social events as well as autocrossing and rallies. Originally from central Massachusetts, Robert and his wife moved back to Massachusetts in 2014 changing regions to NER.
Beyond any Porsche-related activities, Robert volunteers on Ranger Patrol at Wachusett Mountain, trains year round for Ironman and half Ironman distance triathlons, and is the Finance Director for Hope for Worcester a 501(c)3 organization in Worcester, MA.
After starting his career with State Street Corporation in Boston, Robert accepted a position with Cambridge Associates in Arlington, VA and upon moving back to Massachusetts now co-runs an independent registered investment advisory firm, Assabet Advisors, LLC.
Robert has been serving as Treasurer for our region since January 2017.

VP Driving: Paul Skinner

I am truly honored to be nominated to serve as the VP Driving on the Board of NER PCA.
In 1974 everyone was buying American Muscle cars because the motto was “there’s no replacement for displacement”. Then one day a neighbor pulled up the street in his new orange Porsche 914. While everyone questioned why he would buy this little “2 seater VW” I was in awe. While my first ever ride in a Porsche was just around the block in that 914, I was hooked. I vowed that one day I too would own a Porsche.
Fast forward 35 years. While looking to buy a new SUV, on a whim, I pulled into Porsche of Norwell and test drove a Cayenne. Once again, one spin around the block and I was hooked. I drove home that day in my new Porsche and haven’t looked back (or elsewhere) since. Six months after buying the Cayenne I traded in my BMW Z3 for a Boxster S. While the Cayenne gave way to a Panamera and then that to a Macan S my Boxster S is my true love. Every time I get behind the wheel I am transported back to 1974, I feel like I am a 6-year-old boy again without a care in the world..…..except the next corner.
I joined PCA 2 years ago after a Porsche customer event at Palmer where I got take my Boxster on the track and really see how it could perform. With the addition of some really good tires I did a few DE events that year and couldn’t wait for more. Then this year I did as many DE and social events as I could. In the process I met a lot of great people, had great instructors, made some new friends, and was welcomed into the PCA family.
Next year, in addition to my NER PCA board duties, I plan to continue with DE and social events plus try my hand at a little autocross.
Away from the track I live in Plymouth, MA with my lovely girlfriend Jen and our very precocious Springer Spaniel Wilson. I have spent my entire career working in the Power and Energy field and currently am the Business Development Manager for Veolia Energy in Boston.

Secretary: Lisa Davis

I’m Lisa Davis, the new secretary candidate for the Northeast region and a Porsche enthusiast. I grew up in Stow, MA, and, after meeting my husband Alan while at the University of Maine, have lived in Franklin, MA for the past 35 years. For several years. I was happy to be a passenger in Alan’s 911, attending various Porsche events.When he upgraded to a GT3, Alan asked if I would like to sign up for AX School to which I replied, “Do YOU want me to?” With the encouragement of all the racers, I did a season of Autocross, even though in reality my thrill of racing was felt when I got off the course! (I later realized my introduction to AX may have been part of Alan’s mission to win the Porsche Parade AX at Jay Peak with me as his “tire warmer”). An opportunity arose for me to be involved in Autocross without turning my knuckles white when Rosemary Driscoll stepped down from her position of NER Lunch Lady. As we know, Rosemary was destined for bigger things! I have a ball helping new auto-crossers to figure out what to order off the menu apron! And, of course, I make sure that Bob Canter is fed, although he keeps requesting the lobster roll! It is a joy for Alan and I to be part of a great group of people in the Porsche Club and I hope to be an asset to the NER Board. One question: Shall I laminate the notes?

Treasurer: Don Kelly

On a dreary March Sunday afternoon in 2011, my best girl Cindy (my terrific wife as of August) and I headed out to look at cars. I repeat look! In our travels we looked at a Viper, drifted to the Ferrari/Maserati dealer, and ended up at a Porsche dealer. The young salesman was brilliant, asking me which car I would like to drive. Oh no, I was looking, let’s not waste each other’s time. But then he went from car to car starting each up, it was a symphony. He then came along with a plate and asked which car he should put it on? The black 2006 997S, sure why not? He then gave Cindy and I a route to take, and advised “don’t be afraid to let it breathe, watch for police.” Wow, it was a splendid thing, power, road feel and amazing handling. I was later told that one should never test drive a Porsche unless planning to buy, which is exactly what I did. It went into the garage, it should never be taken to the beach, sand. It couldn’t be taken to restaurants, door dings. So in the garage it sat, a beautiful piece of art.

As CFO of Skinner Auctioneers and Appraisers (as seen on PBS Antiques Roadshow) I have a ground level windowed office overlooking the parking lot. On numerous occasions I would look out and see a bright yellow Cayman in the parking lot with a distinctive plate MS XXX. I never saw who was driving the car until one day my timing was correct and I saw it pull into the lot. I promptly headed to the lobby and intercepted the woman driver of the car. “Excuse me, are you Ms XXX?” A tentative “yes” was replied. “I just wanted to complement you on a beautiful car” said I. I proudly told her of my garage bound beauty. She asked, “Do you belong to PCA?” “No.” “Then you are missing the whole thing” she exclaimed! Well, she then went on to explain all the great things about PCA, the people, the events, and that I must join immediately. So I did, and a whole new life opened up for Cindy and me.

We joined in 2012 and have gone on fall tours, concours, rambles, galas, meeting great folks all the while. Driver Education, it is the DE that eventually became my addiction. The quest of executing perfect lines around amazing race courses in a finely engineered machine at high speed is just invigorating!

I am excited to be considered for the treasurer role. So why treasurer? I have been a CPA for 35 years, ten in public accounting, and twenty five as a CFO. I have voluntarily served as treasurer of the Three Seasons Water Ski Club of Natick, MA. and have served on the Finance Committee of the Town of Ashland, MA. as well as the Liaison Committee. I would very much like to give back to a great club that has done much for us.

Our other passions include competition water skiing (retired), motorcycling, music, travel, and oh yes, being doting grandparents!

VP Communication: Anker Berg-Sonne

Anker Berg-Sonne

It has been just over two years since my wife and I bought our first Porsche, a 2004 S, and joined the PCA. We were assigned to a California region, but a phone call cleared that up and we became members of NER. Membership in the NER exceeded all expectations, both form a learning and a personal networking point of view. My first DE at Thompson, three days with the first in the rain, then a bunch of autocrosses at Devens plus several social events. I decided to do as much work as I could on the Boxster and started out by replacing the trailing arms, which were creating a dreadful clatter when driving over bumps. The social aspect was a little daunting at first because there were so many people at all events, but soon we made several new friendships. Early summer we decided to take a driving vacation to Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island and Prince Edward Island in FUNTOY. The Boxster turned out to be a great vacation vehicle with adequate luggage space and lots of fun content.
Part way through the year I felt there was a need for more direct member-to-member communications and offered to moderate one or more discussion groups and sent a proposal to the board. They put me in touch with Sterling Vernon, our resident superhuman, who got me involved in the existing communications vehicles used by the club. Not long after we started collaborating I was surprised by being asked if I was willing to accept a nomination as Membership Chair on the BOD. I did accept in spite of being concerned about my very short tenure in the club, and have never regretted doing so. The 2018 board has been a terrific group of people to work with.
Early in 2018 Sterling needed to offload one of his many responsibilities, editing the on-line NOR’EASTER. I volunteered because I had worked with Sterling and am a 50+ year computer nerd. The learning curve has been longer, and the effort required bigger than I expected, but producing a quality newsletter like the NOR’EASTER has been a gratifying experience. We also participate extensively in NER activities, continuing with the activities from 2017 and adding new activities like the Family Party and Vintage DE. I have also had a lot of fun using my limited photographic skills at events. My wife, Kirsten, has also been an active participant and associate member. In the spring we decided to purchase another Boxster, FUNBOX, so we could have a “his” and “hers”.
I originally accepted to continue to serve as Membership Chair, but after discussing the absence of a nomination of a VP of Communications candidate I have agreed to change my nomination to VP of Communications. If elected my goal will be to recruit a communications team that includes a Web master, a social media expert and a newsletter editor in addition to a review and content creation team. I will also strive to ensure that all roles have backups within the team so there will be minimal disruption from vacation, family obligations and other events.
It has been an honor, a privilege and a joy to participate and contribute to the NER.