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2020 Slate for Board Elections

Any member who wishes to include him/herself onto the final ballot should reach out to Robert Jacobsen, Nominating Chair, by October 30 at The final ballot will be sent no later than November 5, 2018 and will include a short bio for each candidate. The ballot will be sent to primary members via email so please be sure the email on file for you at PCA National ( is up to date, as we pull our data from that list.

An area of general need is communications, working with the VP Communications. We always need new content, photos, help crafting the monthly emails, and help submitting content to our national magazine, Panorama. Should you be interested in joining the communications team in some other role or function, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the communications team ( to express interest.

Any general questions can be sent to Robert Jacobsen.

Your slate of candidates for 2020 positions:

President: Nick Shanny (for his second term)
VP Admin: Lisa Burke
VP Driving: Jerome Gangitano
Secretary: Alan Davis (for his second term)
Treasurer: Kristin Larson (returning to the board after one year hiatus, was prior treasurer, president, and past-president)
Membership: Anker Berg-Sonne (second consecutive term as Membership, third total)
VP Communication: Luis Rivera
Past President: Bill Seymour

Candidate biographies:

President: Nick Shanny

I am Nick Shanny, and I am very excited to be nominated to serve as President on the board of
NER PCA. I have served on the board in the past as President, secretary, and Webmaster. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to serve on the board again.

I became a PCA member back in the 2004 after purchasing a GT silver Boxster S, my first Porsche.
I fell in love with the car and the brand. I started participated in driver education (DE) events in 2005 and have never really looked back. Several years
in, I decided that I “needed” a dedicated track car
as well as a car that forced me to really learn how to drive. Enter in an orange 1976 911 with a 1979 3.0L carbureted motor. No nannies, fully caged, and ready

for the track. Affectionally known as “Pumpkin”, it became the car that help me learn how to drive on the track, but ultimately, it was the vehicle that introduced me to a new group of lifelong friends. It is the camaraderie that keeps me engaged with the club and fuels my desire to give back.

Away from the track I live in Weston with my wife, Kay. My three children are all grown up and have fled, I mean left, the nest.

VP Admin: Lisa Burke

I’m Lisa Burke and I joined the club in 2014 after my significant other purchased a surprise 2006 Cayman S while I was away on a business trip. Prior to getting the Porsche, we enjoyed the social benefits of a car club as members of the local Honda S2000 group (and still do). Often people think social events are “nice to have” in a car club, but there is so much more to this community than performance driving events and I hope to help get that word out.

In my first couple of years in NER PCA, I enjoyed the newcomers meeting, winter warmers, summer parties, and many a cars and coffee, but it was the Car Control Clinic a.k.a. Autocross School (and the subsequent addiction to Autocross) that really cemented my appreciation for this club and the people in it. While I particularly enjoyed the

bench racing at Billiards after Autocross events (pre-COVID, of course), I still love a good cars and coffee whenever I can get to one.

In 2019 I took on the monthly email blast publication where I learned just how many events this club promotes, and for 2020 I am very proud to report that along with co-Rally Master Anker, we revived the family-friendly Gimmick Rally discipline for NER PCA. 2 down, many more to come!

I’ve been lucky enough to meet many of you at the gate for Autocross check-in over the
last couple of years, also as a volunteer at 2018 Porsche On The Mountain, during the silent auction at last year’s Gala or more recently at the 2020 rallies. For those I have not met yet, especially new members or those who haven’t made it out to many events in the past, I will do my best to pay forward the same enthusiastic welcome to you that was extended to me when I started getting out there.

I look forward to being your ‘Cruise Director’ – I mean, VP of Admin - in 2021 and ensuring future social events bring all of us and our cars back together after this seemingly endless year apart.

VP Driving: Jerome Gangitano

[bio not yet available]

Secretary: Alan Davis

I’m honored to be nominated for a second year as the
club secretary. My wife, Lisa, and I joined PCA and the Northeast Region in 2012. We met in college over 40 years ago and are now retired in Franklin, MA.

Our first Porsche was a used 2007 911 Carrera. We
now drive a 2019 Cayenne and a 2015 911 GT3. Until retirement, I worked as an engineer in utilities, energy efficiency, and construction. Like the stereotypical engineer, I look at things logically and tend to be brief and to the point. I hope that some of you read the meeting minutes from the board meetings this year. I can assure you that the meetings are way more interesting than I described them.

Since joining the club, Lisa and I have tried every club activity other than DE. We love to do the Ramble and attend the Gala event. My big interest is autocross, which I first learned of in 2012 at NER’s Newcomers event.

Autocross, which is called “Solo” by some clubs, is great for introverts like me. You can literally spend an entire day by yourself either in your car or working the course socially distanced
250 feet from the nearest other course workers. Although, if you get hooked on AX, then that solo life doesn’t last. I mean you just beat your prior best time by 4 seconds – you just got

to tell someone and there are other drivers all around you in the grid who want to hear about your run and share some tips. And, have you ever wanted a ride in a 944 or a 958, a 911 cab, a Boxster, a Macan, a GT4, or a GT3? No problem! Between runs, when we’re not social distancing, all you have to do is ask that driver for a ride (tip: have your helmet with you). You’ll not only get to see other cool Porsches from the inside. Being the passenger with more experienced drivers can help to shave seconds off your next run! Before long, you’ll find that solo has become social.

I will appreciate your votes and look forward to making you glad to be Porsche Club members in 2021.

Treasurer: Kristin Larson

My name is Kristin Larson and I am honored to be nominated for Treasurer of NER. I have been a member of NER since 2009 with Dave Berman and we have owned 6 Porsches over the years. We currently drive the “Apple” car at DE, both as Instructors.

While our recent focus has been on DE, we have also participated in Autocross and other socials over the years. I have also been involved with PCA my entire life as I grew up going to race tracks as my parents both participated in DE and numerous other positions within NNJR.

I had sent 8 previous years on the NER board as Treasurer, President and Past President and looking forward to going back on the board. I am a Certified Public Accountant with most of my 25 years of experience working in small to mid-size companies so handling the books of a company is second nature to me. I have seen many advancements in my previous years on the board and encouraged by the desire to further the strength of board and all of NER.

Dave and I currently live in Acton, MA with our dog Cam. Over the past year, in addition to track events, we go on daily walks with Cam and I ride our new Peloton.

VP Communication: Luis Rivera

I was born and raised in the Merrimack valley. My family is from Puerto Rico and El Salvador and I grew up around cars. Having spent summers from ages 10-22, working at my old man’s shop, former hot rodder, turned cool, laid back dad, I learned about, worked on and came to love everything from old German cars to Midgets, JDM and Muscle Cars.

I got a hand built go kart for my 4th birthday, learned to drive stick at 11 and when I got my permit at 16, my dad brought his client's '86 944 turbo to our house, threw me the keys and asked me if wanted to drive it... That characteristic clunk when I closed the door, the smell of the leather, the rumbling 4 banger, and the sensation when I hit the gas... I HAD TO HAVE A 944 some day.

That day came two years ago when we found and brought an '83 944 back to life. Hands-down one of the most fun, most aggravating, yet patience-developing and memorable moments and projects together.

Having just bought a barn that (came with a house) on the South Shore, we’re turning it into our personal shop. I’m excited to continue to bring Porsches back to life with him and maybe we’ll build a go kart along the way...

Membership Chair: Anker Berg-Sonne

Anker Berg-Sonne

Next year will be my fifth year as a Porsche owner and NER member, my fourth year as a member of the NER board, and my third year as Membership Chair, if elected.

2020 was a hectic year for me actively engaged in growing Sim Racing and Rallies as formal activities in the region. Both of these are possible while the COVID epidemic runs its course. They widen the range of activities offered to the adult membership and, significantly, provide active participation for children and youngsters, which I consider essential for the club’s long-term health. Since May of 2018, I have served as editor of the club magazine, the NOR’EASTER.

Membership Coordinator is my favorite responsibility because of the direct communications and interaction with our membership. My circle of friends has grown by leaps and bounds while I have been with NER. NER activities and responsibilities, taking care of our cars and ensuring they are properly maintained and stored, have dominated my free time.

I will continue to participate actively in a wide range of activities and as a leadership team member for Sim Racing and Rallies.

In addition to the above, I am an active Autocrosser, an occasional DEer, an active Sim Racer, and one of two Zone Sim Racing Coordinators for Zone 1.

If elected, 2021 will be the final year of my four-year term as a NER board member. I will continue to look for opportunities to expand and improve the membership experience for all family members. As my term draws to an end, I will seek to identify and mentor a successor for this critical role.

Thank you for your support!

Past-president: Bill Seymour

pca Bill Seymour