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Porsche Plus Blockchain?

  Cryptocurrency, blockchain, digital currency - other than the wild value swings that could theoretically fund auto purchases, why would Porsche be integrating blockchain into their products? I think it all c... Read More >>

Built From Scratch with Chuck Beck

"If you start listening to other people, then you wind up building something like other people would do. so if you just start with a clean place on the floor and do it the way you think it should be done; if it works it's all yours, if it doesn't you only ha... Read More >>

Heidi and Frannie Fix Porsches – Do you?

Our club is filled with many members who have been working on cars for years and even decades. I am always in awe when I hear about or read an account in the NOR'EASTER of someone who tackles a big, complex project in their garage or barn. I can't imagine m... Read More >>
ner pca 59th year 2018 917/30 engine

Happy New Year!

PCA NER wishes a very happy New Year to all of our members, friends, families, sponsors, advertisers - and everyone associated with us!  We hope you'll have a twin-turbo-charged 12-cylinder kind of year... Read More >>
palmer motorsports park september 2017 de ner pca

2018 DE Schedule Posted

Well, here we go - and the entire NER DE Team is excited to disclose not only our 2018 Schedule, but add several co-marketed and joint events with Northern New Jersey Region! As you may recall, last year we shared our Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant event, and i... Read More >>