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RSampling – Can It Get Any Better?

When Porsche brings the full quiver of RS models to the Isle of Man...we have to ask whether it can get any better? Add in a new Ducati Panigale to boot? Wow. Just wow. With any luck...our Vintage DE Days coming up at Thompson Speedway on 5/28 and Palmer Motor... Read More >>
Porsche racing 919 tribute no rules record breaking WEC

Beyond the Rules

What happens when you build a car that is so good that, within the rules, you dominate the field? That appears to be exactly what Porsche did with the 919. 20 Pole-Positions, 17 race victories, 6 World Championship titles, and three overall victories at Le Man... Read More >>

Porsche Plus Blockchain?

  Cryptocurrency, blockchain, digital currency - other than the wild value swings that could theoretically fund auto purchases, why would Porsche be integrating blockchain into their products? I think it all c... Read More >>

Built From Scratch with Chuck Beck

"If you start listening to other people, then you wind up building something like other people would do. so if you just start with a clean place on the floor and do it the way you think it should be done; if it works it's all yours, if it doesn't you only ha... Read More >>