Audi Duty

Luis and the other millennials may not get the joke in the title, but I couldn’t resist. The new (to me – a 2018 actually) Audi Q7 had a couple of minor flaws that needed fixing, so I found myself in a loaner ... Read More >>

The Drive to Helen Back

The 356 Southern Drive has been every other year event now since 2007. It is a gathering of 356 owners in the North Georgia mountains for a couple of days of driving, eating, drinking, and talking about our cars. There is no car show (more about that later), ... Read More >>

Dogs of Tamworth Part Two

Another nicely run NCR event at Tamworth, this time with really nice weather and thus no excuses for my sorry driving.  My fastest session of the weekend was the first of the event – on a damp track – and I ne... Read More >>
Steve Ross PCA NER

Paying It Forward

As many of you know, we lost NER legend Steve Ross back in March.  He was a friend, a mentor, and a leader whose impact was unmatched. Paying it Forward is a term that most of us have heard and probably used. ... Read More >>
Dan Gurney at the Glen

A Drive Down Memory Lane

A Drive Down Memory Lane I'm back from the Watkins Glen DE, and it's column time.  After a very wet driving season (no, I don't have rain tires because I have no interest in getting soaked and scaring myself), it was great to have decent weather.  Despite som... Read More >>

This and That!

This month’s column is about membership communications and more Sim Racing. With our website and social media being our primary communications vehicles to the membership, you will see much more content than yo... Read More >>

On the Road Again

With the recent coverage about modern cars, it’s time to renew our attachment to those loveable Tubs, which is the basis for these monthly columns. The very best way to do that is to get back on the road. So l... Read More >>

The Dogs Of Tamworth

My longtime reader may recall a couple of columns that told the fictitious story of our dog Turbo and cat Gordo (RIP) participating in Autocross events. In point of fact, Turbo would probably be the least likely canine to have done so as he is a terrible car ... Read More >>