2019 Minutes of Meetings of the Board

This is the location for the meeting minutes from board meetings should there not be a published monthly NOR’EASTER issue that would otherwise contain them.


The final board meeting of the year was held at Bill’s home on the evening of December 13. Between the old and new board members, plus Turbo the dog, the BBQ buffet provided by Bill and Rosemary was left with few survivors.

In attendance were:
Bill Seymour – President
Glenn Champagne – VP Admin
Robert Jacobsen – Treasurer
Nick Durham – Secretary
Kristin Larson – Past President
Anker Berg-Sonne – Membership
Gary Cooper – VP Communications
Stan Corbett – DE Registrar Chair
Paul Skinner – 2019 VP Driving Events
Don Kelly – 2019 Treasurer
Lisa Davis – 2019 Secretary
Alan Davis – NER member

The meeting commenced in the usual fashion by a vote to accept the Treasurer’s report. A brief review of our advertising and sponsorship status leading into next year was followed by a survey of the 2018 budget. Partly due to high activity attendance and the move to a digital newsletter, our club’s reserves are healthier than years past. Especially noteworthy for 2018 is an increase in our charitable giving. The board decided to share our good fortune by giving back a bit more to the community. A motion was approved to present an additional $7,500 donation to Homes for Our Troops at the January Gala. The board also voted to boost the designated charity of our autocross program, Loaves and Fishes food pantry in Ayer, with an additional $6,000 donation. After all of the good financial news, the discussion migrated to the more mundane topic of introducing board meeting logistics to our newly elected members. This segued into an approved motion to slightly increase the reimbursement of board meeting hosts to $20 per guest. Last on the housekeeping agenda was the approval of an organizational system for the various documents used in our club. Activity chairs are free to organize as they like, as long as the board is kept updated on storage locations and access. Our incoming secretary is tasked with communicating the details to our chairs.

Designs for our 60th anniversary shirts were passed around the room and a favorite sketch and logo were decided (look out for these to become available very soon!). An amount of $500 was approved to produce calendars with a simplified NER logo. These will be introduced and available at the gala dinner. Conversation around the gala was light as Glenn, Robert, and the additional committee members have all but the final details finished for our year-capping flagship event.

Anker circulated a proposal to rotate content review duties amongst board and communications team members. The new review matrix and deadlines are an attempt to spread out the burden of publishing the NOR’EASTER. An upcoming issue will include an in-depth explanation of the new PCA rule requiring a HANS for DE participants using harness belts.

As a last item for the year, the board delighted in passing around a Lifetime Achievement plaque for long-time member Steve Ross. A decision was previously made to honor Steve, who has helped shape our club over decades of participation, at the January gala. Congratulations Steve, and thanks for all that you do!