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Over the course of 2018, Northeast Region will hold a series of up to four Driver Education events named: Northeast Region Vintage Days. While these events fall under the auspices of the existing NER DE Program - they are purposely different. In fact, by design, they have been developed for those drivers who have left standard DE formats as frankly, our older cars just simply have an increasingly difficult time keeping up in the Solo typical Driver Education Run Groups and many of us have been jokingly referred to as the "Rolling Chicanes" by drivers of GT3s, GT4s, Cup cars, Caymen Rs - well, you know - "those kind'a cars"...

But, we in the Northeast Region think it's time we take back the day and introduce a Driver Education Format which caters to continuing education, safety - and yes - fun as we pedal our older cars around the track, and frankly, some might argue, we are damn good drivers for that experience. So, that being the case, the NER Driver Education Team is proud to announce an adjunct to our current schedule and format - Vintage Days. In short, Northeast Region Vintage Days follows and adheres to all our existing PCA Driver Education procedures (passing rules, pre-tech, trackside tech, drivers meetings, etc.), but pushes a couple of aspects even further. For example, classroom sessions are mandatory - and there are two of them for each Run Group per day.

As discussed in Rennlist forums and on Facebook - we are trying to have each driver have AT LEAST 2.5 hours of Track Time each day + Classroom. As well, early sign-ups for a full day are... Ready? Are you sure? $200 per driver/car. Yep - $200...

OK, here is the schedule:

May 28th - Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, Thompson CT (this day immediately follows our 25/26/27 days, which gives us some added flexibility in getting folks ready the afternoon of the 27th if needed!)

June 16th - Palmer Motorsports Park, Palmer, MA. If the Vintage DE Series looks to be popular, we could expand this event to a multi-day event, so. we'll see....

August 24th - Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, Thompson CT. 

September 14th - Palmer Motorsports Park, Palmer, MA.. We have the option, again - to swing this into a multi-day as well..

Thank you to all of you who have pushed for events like Vintage Days... We'll be posting more information shortly - like registration opening, places to stay if you haven't been to these tracks, classroom sessions, etc....

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