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Board Members

Current NER Board Members

The current NER board members are as follows based on our club bylaws. Each of these positions is a volunteer position and is elected by the membership. Our club runs on the effort and care that our members and volunteers put into it. You can help in simple ways by helping to set up before an event or clean up after an event. You can join one of our committees for Autocross, DE, Concours, etc. and help organize the many events we host each year. You can help arrange the social gatherings, dinners, and lunches at various events. You can help by writing about your adventures and Porsche stories for the magazine, website, and Facebook group. If you are/were in advertising, help us develop advertisers to offset event costs. Maybe you can help us out with operating the website, the email communications, and staying on top of the technology for operating our club. We encourage all of our members to be as involved as they can as we all benefit from the time and effort.

As one member said, "We're all volunteers here. If everyone at least picks up their own chair at the end, things will run smoothly."

Role, Contact Email, Name

President - Nick Shanny

VP Admin - Lisa Burke

VP Driving Events - Jerome Gangitano

Treasurer - Kristin Larson

Secretary - Alan Davis

Membership - Anker Berg-Sonne

Past President - Bill Seymour

VP Communications - Luis Rivera

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