It’s easy to join the Porsche Club of America.

Membership brings you a monthly subscription to  Panorama. It’s perhaps the best car club magazine currently in production. Panorama includes many high quality technical articles on Porsches, articles on the history, the racing, the people. It provides insights into the activities of all the regions and provides a calendar of events. Panorama also has great ads.

You can also elect to receive monthly activities emails regarding what is happening in the Northeast Region and local Porsche-related events and news. Our newsletter is currently transitioning to an online format and you will also have access to that publication and back issues of prior issues.

You need not live in our region to join us. To join the Porsche Club of America you will need to provide a Vehicle Identification Number from your Porsche and fill out this form.

The Northeast Region serves Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We currently have over 2700 members in our Region. Although you may choose to affiliate with any region you choose, if you reside outside our area you should visit the PCA national site to determine the region closest to you.

If you would like information about the Northeast Region, or any other general information please contact: Anker Berg-Sonne.

Don’t own a Porsche yet? No problem!

The PCA Test Drive program provides you a six-month subscription to Porsche Panorama, the club’s national monthly magazine, and a temporary account to log on to the PCA national website. Panorama provides you with news and feature stories covering all aspects of Porsche as well as technical articles that impart valuable information about the cars we drive. Crucially, the temporary website account gives you online access to hundreds of Porsches for sale by PCA members in The Mart, which is also featured in every issue of Panorama.

Although PCA Test Drive is not a full membership in PCA and does not entitle you to some member benefits (such as attending member-only events, voting, or becoming a member of a Region), the NER region will welcome guests and you are encouraged to contact us.

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