Sweet Berry Farm SoBo Porsches and Coffee Middletown RI
SoBo Porsches and Coffee at Sweet Berry Farm Middletown RI

Social Events

As NER members, we love to meet others who love Porsches like we do. You’ll often find us on driving tours like the annual Ramble and the Fall Dow Tour.

Often NER members tour a specialized facility, like restoration shops, race shops, or museums. Occasionally, we host famous speakers to come and tell their stories.

The annual holiday Gala is a great place to dress up and meet other enthusiasts.  We present special awards honoring a few of our outstanding club members and introduce our freshly elected board members!  Catch up with friends from autocross, DE, and the many social events while our cars hibernate. This is an especially fun and elegant evening.

Other social events include “Porsches and Coffee,” which is just what it sounds like. We gather someplace that allows us to park our cars in one lot, grab a cuppa, hangout, talk and share.

Wine tastings, car detailing sessions, brewery tours, and pop-up style lunches and dinners are spread across the region; Rhode Island, North and South shores, MetroWest, and Boston.  Some require registration and some will not.  We are only limited by our creativity and encourage members to organize one near them. Many of these events get book quickly!