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saffron yellow metallic 911, porsche paint

The Challenge of Saffron

Saffron is beautiful, suble, exotic. And incredibly difficult to produce. As this video points out, it takes the stamen from 10,000 flowers to produce about 2 ounces (your standard size spice bottle) of saffron for cooking. And it has to be harvested by hand d... Read More >>
The new Porsche 911 T. T is for Touring

T is for Touring

I truly love driver-focused Porsches. My cars wear scars from the road proudly. I love patina. It's funny to have to make a distinction between Porsches because most people might say that all Porsches are driver-focused. And I wouldn't completely disagree. ... Read More >>
sobo cars and coffee finale sweet berry farm middletown

Southern Hospitality

NER had a big weekend this past Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was strong in Rhode Island. Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown hosted the SoBo (South of Boston) contingent of our club for a cars and coffee event. It wa... Read More >>