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Video by Richard Viard. Narrated by Chris Ryan.


Aug 12, 2020 Update: Click here for Autocross Protocols during COVID-19
Please read this document outlining how NER will be running autocross events in 2020. And please practice safe social distancing!
Come join the Facebook PCA Northeast Region Autocross group! Anyone with a Facebook account can visit and read the page information and discussions, but to join in and receive updates you must be a member of the group.

What Is Autocross?

Autocross is a sport of trying to navigate your car through a defined course of pylons faster than your competition. Autocross courses are set up using soft orange traffic pylons. Events are run at speeds usually between 40-65 MPH, usually in second gear. Unlike some other venues, we are extremely fortunate to have access to one of the premier autocross venues in the Northeast. Where many clubs are consigned to parking lots, we are privileged to be able to design courses that regularly exceed 1.25 miles in length with runs lasting well over a minute. You'd be amazed at how much excitement can be packed into 60 seconds.

Autocross is not only a "performance driving event", but a great way to learn how to drive your car at its limit. You not only learn how to handle your car at speeds that you drive daily, but you also:

  • Gain confidence in your driving ability.
  • Learn the limits of your car's brakes
  • Learn correct seating, hand, and feet positions
  • Learn the limits of your car's tire adhesion

Autocross is a great way to exercise your driving skills in a safe environment. For anyone that would like assistance, there will be instructors available to work with you. Each autocross has a different and unique course design and will undoubtedly provide you with a fun driving experience. Finally, Autocross is a social gathering of new and old friends and LOTS OF FUN!!!

All PCA members and Porsche owners are welcome to attend the autocrosses. Members are permitted to drive vehicles other than Porsches, if they wish. Again this year 16- and 17-year-old children of region members can participate in autocross events. To be eligible permission forms, which can be found on the PCA website, must be obtained and signed by the entrant's parents.

There are a number of items its wise to bring with you to each event. If you dont have a set of vinyl numbers, a roll of painters tape or some white shoe polish is your best bet. You may want to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a lawn chair and something to eat. If you'd rather buy food at the event, you can chip in some money and place orders for submarine sandwiches. If its sunny, bring an umbrella for shade. We always have a good stock of water and soda on hand for free, so while its fine to bring a cooler stocked with Pelegrino, if you are less particular, we've got you covered.

We strongly encourage those new to autocross to look through our Autocross School page information (and to sign up for the school!). You will learn more driving skills in a day with our instructors than you ever though possible.

See you at the course!