SoBo Porsches and Coffee at the Newport Car Museum in Portsmouth RI

South of Boston (SoBo) Porsches and Coffee, 24 April 2022

photo: Larry Levin
photo: Larry Levin
photo: Larry Levin


Our first of this season’s Porsches and Coffee was held in the parking lot of the Newport Car Museum located in Portsmouth RI.  It was a breezy morning in the chilly 40s.  I had a difficult time working my fingers writing down info about the cars and drivers. Considering the weather, we had a good turn-out, about 60 Porsches.

Early on, the car that attracted my eye was Brett Sroczinski”s 83 930.  Newly painted by Carl’s Collison of Fall River, the color is a stunning Audi Quantum Grey.  All the rubber was replaced (correctly), including doors, and the rear red plastic bar was treated then painted the same color with PORSCHE lettering in flat black.  Brett laughed when I asked, “was the paint job more than 5k?” It cost 4 times that, but I deemed the level of detail to be worth it.  He also had extensive work on the engine provided by Jerry Pellegrino. Brett purchased the car in 2007 with about 90 k.  Previously he owned an 86 944 Turbo.  Brett enjoys driving this Porsche hard.

Steven Howitt, a frequent SoBo participant, came in with his 84 928 S, which he purchased three years ago. With just 53k miles, he is just the third owner of this automatic, Gemini Metallic Gray gem. It has a limited slip differential, 8 speaker stereo, option side molding and factory optioned rims. This car is a highway cruiser and was popular in it’s day, especially in Texas.

Another 928 that caught my eye was Rich Doucette’s 84 928 S, also with an auto transmission.   Purchased last year in Atlanta, the car originally spent much of the time in Arizona and had just 69k miles. Rich is currently restoring much of the mechanicals, such as completing brakes, tires, air condition, cruise control, fuel pump, and gas tank. Being an Arizona car, the paint is all original; I saw no corrosion around any windows. Because of the slope of the rear window, it is often a problem for these models that are driven in New England weather.

Before the chill shut me down I saw what seemed to be a 944 with a different look. It was Michel Grossman’s 87 944. He purchased it about four years ago with 138k.  The previous owner was having another child and had to sell it.  The 944 had been modified for street/track, lowered two inches, larger rear tires and with a 924 Turbo front lid (louvers) for additional air flow. Also, the rear window was from a 968. Mike said that the car runs great and the only thing he had to do was replace the battery.  He has owned numerous sport cars; he drove a Porsche (I think a 912) in high school.

The next SoBo is scheduled for 22 May (10-Noon) at Sweet Berry Farm, 915 Mitchell’s Ln, Middletown, RI. The event as always is FREE, and no pre-registration is necessary. The only requirement to park on the grass is your Porsche. A Porsche logo sign should be in place directing you to the parking area.  Sweet Berry Farm is child friendly, encouraging small children to enjoy a working farm, so when entering and exiting, drive carefully. And, as always, for any SoBo related questions, please email me at:  [email protected]

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