Event Recap: NER Photography Clinic

Special thanks to NER’s Richard Viard for another well attended photography clinic! Over 30 NER and NCR photogs watched and listened intensely as Richard covered the technical and subjective aspects of picture taking.

Richard started the meeting with the essentials: ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure. Then followed with three essential tips for car photography: motion blur, stop action, beauty, and ambiance.  He finished by discussed editing, workflow, and organization.



Some insight from one of the avid photographers among our membership, Michael Chung:

“I would say that the most useful tips I got from Richard are:

1. It’s about the light and how to capture it by playing with the trade off between aperture and shutter speed.

2. Composition and where the photographer can choose the best place to take the shot to achieve the desired effect.

3. Post-production enhancements with Adobe Lightroom, such as cropping, color and lighting of compensations, dust spot removal, etc.

I think this third point is what can help most photographers advance in the most significant way, because I believe post-production is every bit as important, if not more so, than the skill to press the shutter.”

Thanks for the insight, Michael!