What a gorgeous day to take a drive around New England, it was this past Sunday! Thirty five cars with sixty people joined us for the First Annual Charlie and Martha Dow Fall Tour. Many thanks to Gary Cooper and Tony Miniscalco for all the work they did to arrange and run this event with help from our veteran tour-meister and ramble-guru, Dennis Friedman, and the activities committee. Charlie Dow's son, Eric, and his family were kind enough to come and we presented them with a custom plaque made specially for them that will hold a photo of everyone at the event. Thanks to all who participated and thanks to our volunteers for making a very memorable event. We all look forward to continuing this wonderful tradition in Charlie's name for years to come.

First Annual Dow Fall Tour - arrival

Attendees arrive. Here comes Ramble Master, Dennis Friedman, who is used to a large number of cars at his Rambles.

First Annual Dow Fall Tour - anticipation

When do we get this thing started?

First Annual Dow Fall Tour -

Under Bill's watchful eye, Gary explaining to the group that McQueen was cool, but the tour drivers are not McQueen.

First Annual Dow Fall Tour -

Charlie's son Eric telling the group how much his Dad loved NER and Porsche, and how he would be thrilled to know his name will forever be associated with the tour.

First Annual Dow Fall Tour -

The group posed for a shot before taking off

First Annual Dow Fall Tour -

NER only parking at Michael's Harborside

First Annual Dow Tour - in car shot

The tour organizers failed to check the commuter rail schedule. Provided by Linda Montoya Mullen from Michael Kaleel's car.

First Annual Dow Fall Tour -

Where's the beef?

Gary telling the group that normally the sweeper car is not the first to arrive at the destination

And thanks to Anker Sonne-Berg for the photos unless otherwise noted!

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3 Responses

  1. Dan Mastro

    Great people, day and tour. The weather was perfect and the beauty of The North Shore was spectacular. Sue and I had a great time and plan on attending next year’s ride too.
    Thanks to all, Dan & Sue Mastro

    • grc0456

      Happy to hear people seemed to enjoy the tour and meal, and hopefully the rookie tour organizers didn’t muck it up too badly. It’s good that some of the vets had our backs.

      We were very fortunate to have gotten a picture-perfect day, and that Charlie’s family members could join us to celebrate something that he loved very much – Porsche owners and their cars.


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