Near final version of the new 991.2 911 at the Porsche test facility in Weissach

Tonight: Launch of the 992 Version of the 911

The latest and greatest version of our beloved Porsche 911 is set to be launched tonight! Just before the LA Auto Show, Porsche is live-streaming the launch of the car this evening at 11pm EST (8 PST) and you can watch it here.

Mark Webber, ex-Formula1 driver and Porsche ambassador, has proclaimed that it has new sensors to help it cope with wet and damp conditions even better and that the front track is as wide and stable as the GT cars. We’ll enjoy being the judge of that! The track is apparently now longer – which he claims is good for 33okmph with stability on the Autobahn. We need an American Autobahn, by the way.

Tune in to hear more about it this evening!