NER Newcomer's Meeting

NER Belongs to All of Us

NER is growing and it’s truly awesome!

To that end, we are working to create more events and opportunities to drive our Porsches, have fun, learn about our cars, each other and build camaraderie in our club.

If you have ideas for additional events we could plan or would like to volunteer for any activities, please feel free to email Lisa Burke, at [email protected]

If you’d like to contribute to the Noreaster or have general content ideas please reach out to Luis Rivera at [email protected] 

We want to collaborate with you because this club belongs to all of us. 

You can also contact board Chairs directly with more specific questions and ideas:

Chair: David Melchar,
Chair: Adam Schwartz
Registrar & Safety: Stan Corbett, [email protected]
Ramblemeister: Dennis Friedman,
Chair: Robert Galejs,
Chair: Chris Ryan,
Registrar: Jeff Johnson,
Chair: Lisa Burke, [email protected]


Staying in the loop:

Event Updates: 

Newsletter Signup: Please email Lisa Burke,VP Admin NER PCA and we will add you to the list: [email protected]

Social: Join FB groups and connect with other members.