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What is Driver Education – 2024

There are two ways to answer the question.

From a technical perspective, Drivers Education (DE) is a program developed by PCA to give drivers the opportunity to learn how to drive their cars on real racetracks in a safe, controlled and fun environment.  Typically a DE event is run over 2 or 3 days. Each day usually has four or five driving groups (divided by experience and skill level) on track four times for 20 to 30 minutes each session. To ensure maximum safety and fun you’re placed in a run group with other drivers with similar experience and skill levels. In the novice groups, drivers are accompanied by PCA trained and certified instructors who will teach you high performance driving techniques and fundamentals. DE driving is not racing or even preparation for racing. The events are not timed and there are no prizes. Prescribed passing zones and rules and codes of conduct add to the safe environment.

From an enthusiasts perspective, DE can easily become a lifestyle throughout the summer and in fact year ’round.  Waking moments are spent at the track, or thinking about the next time there.  We live for the rush of adrenaline that comes from moments like touching 140 mph just before jumping on the brakes at the “bus stop” at Watkins Glen.  Or, allowing the car to drift out to the turn-in, at the end of the front straight before powering over a blind cresting apex at Mont-Tremblant.  Just as importantly, highpoints of our summer at DE events include laughing with new and old friends over the events of the day.  Many attend only a few a days a year, and enjoy building their competency and letting the car do what it was built to do.

Details to register for NER events will be provided NLT mid-January. Registration for NER DE events will open by March 1st. Registration for Calabogie will open in January.

Are you are new to DE’ing? Are you a new member of the Porsche Club? Or, perhaps, a long term member getting back into Porsche-related activities? Are you interested in expanding your Porsche experience into more exotic realms? Would you like to drive your Porsche ‘spiritedly’ without the risk of running afoul of the polizei? If so, we highly recommend attending our 2024 DE Ground School which will be sponsored by, and held at, HMS Motorsports of Danvers, MA. The DE ground school will be held on March 9th at HMS. The 2024 DE Ground School presentation package is available here.

DE is a different experience for everyone. You’ve got to try it.  The only critical components are desire and a car!

Drill deeply into the DE section of our web site, you’ll find lots of information and helpful ideas. Hope to see you at the track.

Stan Corbett, NER Co-Registrar.

2024 NER & NCR Driver Education Schedule

Edited: 1/3/2024