Newcomers Meeting – Member Recap

Although it has been a few weeks since Porsche Norwell hosted a fun and informative gathering for PCA members on a sunny Sunday morning, I can’t help but think about how nice it was to get together again at an in-person event and hear about all of the opportunities the region has to offer its members in 2022.

The morning started off with snacks, coffee, and juice while everyone was arriving. Those that arrived before the formal presentation began had an opportunity to check out a few new cars in the showroom, catch a glimpse of the F1 race that was playing on the TV, and watch/listen to the many Porsches pulling into the lot and onto the adjacent side street. A stunning 2022 GT3 is etched into my memory after staring at it for far too long.
Once everyone arrived and got situated, the formal meeting got underway as we learned about the many exciting things happening in 2022. The presenters offered insights into their areas of focus within the club: Social Events, Communication, Driver Education, Autocross, Spring Ramble, the Gala, Porsches and Coffee, Concours D’Elegance, SIM racing, etc. One lucky attendee walked away with a pair of tickets to the Audrain Automobile Museum, and there was a SIM racing rig available in the lobby for attendees to experience first hand.
After the PCA presenters wrapped up we had a chance to hear from Andrew Dunn, General Sales Manager of Porsche Norwell. He filled us in on updates to a few Porsche models and talked about the various supply chain issues and how those are affecting overall production numbers and price increases across the various model platforms. He also introduced the service manager and highlighted an air-cooled 911 project that was recently completed at the dealership, which was on display for attendees to see: a 1983 911SC Targa painted slate gray with a red interior. It looked fantastic!
One common theme that kept getting repeated – “it’s on the website”.
If you want to see what events are available to participate in, or volunteer at, rest assured they are listed on the website.
I definitely left the meeting feeling inspired to get to more events in 2022 than I have in years past. Hopefully you will too.
Mark McCormack