NER DE Event at Calabogie Motorsports Park


07/18/2017 - 07/20/2017    
All Day


Calabogie Motorsports Park
462 Wilson Farm, Calabogie, Ontario, K0J 1H0

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NER Driver Education Event
Calabogie Motorsports Park (CMP), Calabogie, Ontario, Canada

Registration for this event is at Club Registration.

Last time we ran an event at Calabogie was in 2013. We are all excited about returning to Calabogie, one of my favorite tracks. Calabogie is a unique combination of speed and flowing corner combinations. The track rewards smooth, patient driving and is designed to test the drivers’ concentration and car control skills throughout the entire lap. With what might initially seem a daunting 20 corners, with experience several of these corners group nicely and the result is a fast, fun ride on a great track.

Calabogie does allow camping on site, and there are washroom and shower facilities available.

There will be a Wine & Beer Social when the track day ends on Tuesday.

Note: For important information on noise level requirements and resulting run group limitations see: Calabogie Noise Levels.

Event Information:

Calabogie now has fuel on site with both 91 & 94 octane available. Click for information on a possible source of race fuel in Canada. CMP told me last time we were there they will take delivery and hold the fuel, just be sure the supplier marks the delivery with your name.

Registration for NER DE events is at Club Registration.

Registration questions? Contact Stan Corbett, Registrar or 774-275-1621 before 9PM.
Event questions? Contact John Dunkle, Track Chair, or 603-553-0307 before 8PM.