NER AX #2 Recap



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NER’s 2022 Autocross competition season held its second event on June 19th. Kachel Motor Company was the sponsor and although no one from KMC was able to make the event, a good time was had by the 61 drivers that participated posting 9 runs for the day.

With an early morning rain that stopped just in time for us to get set up, temperatures much more moderate than the previous event’s heat-wave, Rob MacAlpine set up another great course, back to using NER’s smaller cones, that the usual level of technical stuff, but still flowed nicely once you got the hang of it.

Once again, we had a good turnout in the Novice Class (23 out of the 61 drivers) with many of them coming out to try autocross for the first time. I trust we didn’t disappoint them.

After all was said and done, 18 drivers (about 30%) had posted times below 70 seconds indicating the course was a bit faster than the last event; Rob MacAlpine posted FTD at 65.106 and Rachel Baker posted Porsche FTD at 65.698.

Old friend Jack Goudreau showed up in his 1976 912 and took Class 1 unopposed 87.229. Once again, Class 3 saw Adam Small taking the Class over Bob Canter with a 72.717. This time, it was Neil Halbert’s turn to edge out his nemesis Georges Rouhart in Class 4 by posting a 71.843 vs Georges’s 72.328. In Class 5, Lev Tabenkin returned to take the Class with a 68.908. Class 6 had only 2 drivers and Mark Skala earned the win over yours truly posting a 67.654. Once again, Glenn Champagne was the class winner in Class 7 posting a 73.582 in his 1999 996 Carrera. Dan Quaroni in his 2011 Spyder prevailed in class 8 posting a 67.263 frustrating Jeff Johnson and Erick Aubin who were both about 2 seconds slower. Class 9 featured a Rachel Baker win with her Porsche FTD of 65.698. Jeremy Mazzariello decided to bring his 2001 Boxster race car and with that edged out Ollie Lucier for the class win with a 66.933. In the non-Porsche class, Rob MacAlpine’s FTD of 65.106 secured the victory.

In the Novice Class, the top 10 drivers posted some pretty respectable times all below 78 seconds, and this time it was Ryan Cataldo posting a 70.388 to get himself booted out of the Novice category and into Class 8.

Full results can be seen on our Live Timing/Archive site by going to, scrolling down to the date of Autocross #2 (June 19, 2022), then selecting  “Results”.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to our second Autocross of 2022 and to our sponsor, Kachel Motor Works. Our next event is on Saturday July 16th and registration is open on

-Chris Ryan