NER AX Report #5



NER held its fifth and final 2022 Autocross event on Saturday October 15th. The event was sponsored by Herb Chambers Porsche and of course we thank them once again for their continued support.

We were fortunate to have an exceptionally nice October day with cloudless skies and temperatures around 70 – a bit cooler than mid-summer for warming up tires – but welcome nonetheless. We had 58 drivers participating event after a few last-minute no-shows, including 17 registered Novices (although that included several of the no-shows). Regardless, we seem to be continuing to  generate interest in autocross for the future and we surely hope these folks will all come back for more.

The course was a bit longer that last event, with no one generating a clean runtime below 70 seconds for the day, although there were a few “dirty” 69 second runs. It featured several “aggressive” element changes requiring lots of steering input, perhaps contributing to these times and at least a few more sore arms.

In a surprising and entertaining upset, FTD was taken by Gareth Peters in his 2016 GT4 by posting a 70.080 on his 10th and final run. Not only did he have to beat Rob MacAlpine (who often posts FTD), but also Rachel Baker and Pat Salerno, two of our fastest drivers. Well done, Gareth!

Class 3 saw old friend Nick Durham return after a long absence driving Bob Canter’s 1984 Targa. Although he steadily got his feel back during the day, he only managed to get within 1.3 seconds of Adam Small, also driving a 1984 Carrera, who posted a 76.693 to take the class and season.

Class 4’s winner was Georges Rouhart, posting a 76.164. However, once again, Max Mayo made him work for it with a 76.371 – only .207 seconds off the mark. Georges took the season in Class 2, but look for Max to be a contender in the future. 

Elsewhere, Dan Gramm took Class 5 for the day and the Season posting a 79.962. Class 6 was dominated once again by Mark Skala posting a 71.369 in his 2014 Cayman S and securing the season as well. Tim Dailey ran unopposed in Class 7, posting a 78.557 for the day. Ed Moschella won Class 8 with 73.153, but featured a close horserace for the season points in the class between Erick Aubin and Jeff Johnson, who had been battling back and forth all summer. On Saturday, Erick managed to prevail by .772 seconds, taking the season by one point over Jeff. Class 9 was Gareth Peters’ who as previously mentioned, wowed us all with his win over Rachel and Pat, and is also the season winner for Class 9. Jeremy Mazzariello took Class 10 for the day with a nice run of 70.813 seconds, but Ollie Lucier, who was not at Saturday’s event, takes the season in that class this year. Class 11 featured a win by Rob MacAlpine with a 70.154 earning him the season championship for the class as well.

For the Novice class, Hartman Wagner posted a 77.973 to take the Class but also get himself booted into Class 7 for next year.

Full results can be seen on our Live Timing/Archive site by going to, scrolling down to the date of Autocross #5 (Oct 15, 2022), then selecting the “Summary”, “Results”, or “Raw Times” reports. Season Points are posted below.

We’d like to thank Herb Chambers Porsche once again for sponsoring this event, and Thank everyone who participated for a great NER Autocross Season. See you next year!

-Chris Ryan