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Date(s) - 10/16/2021
9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Join us on October 16th for the 4th Annual Charlie and Martha Dow Fall Rally! 

Those of you who are paying close attention will be yelling “Wait a minute, it’s a tour, not a rally!”  And that used to be the case.  But now it’s a pain in the neck to run a tour, rallies are more fun and we’ve switched.  We do this rally in honor of the late Charlie Dow and his wife Martha – longtime, active NER and board members and all-around Porsche enthusiasts. 

Those of you who were part of the previous tours will recall we toured the quaint towns and rocky seacoasts of both the North and South Shores as well as Central MA.  This year we will be using a route that explores the historic Colonial areas of Massachusetts – it will steal some ideas from the 2018 Zone 1 Rally that Charlie himself laid out and meander close to his home.  We will start and end at the Minuteman Airport in Stow.

First Annual Dow Fall Tour - checkin

You should plan on a day that starts at about 9am and ends with lunch and the opportunity to socialize.  There will be a gimmick rally where you have to answer questions – most correct answers gets you a nice prize!  The entry fee of $50 includes lunch for Driver and Navigator (choose between three wrap sandwiches that include Kettle chips and a bottle of water).  Additional passengers can order food from Nancy’s Cafe on the day of the event.  

HERE IS AN IMPORTANT POINT:  At the Newcomer’s meeting a common question was “I’m not sure that I want to jump into a DE or an autocross, what is the best activity for me to try first so I can meet other members?”  WELL, THIS IS IT!  (Or the Summer Party – that worked too!).  This is a great event to bring a kid or kids and come in a Macan (or stuff the really small ones in the back of the 911).  The kids can help answering the questions (they have better vision than you do and aren’t busy driving) and will have a blast.  So please sign up now – the event is capped at 35 cars.

First Annual Dow Tour - in car shot


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Includes Driver, Navigator and Passengers


Curried Chicken
Ham and Cheese
Caprese (Vegetarian)

Curried Chicken
Ham and Cheese
Caprese (Vegetarian)

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