CANCELLED: Ice Cross at Newfound Lake


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Newfound Country Store
408 Mayhew Turnpike - Rt. 3A, Bridgewater, NH, 03222

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It has been many years since the Northeast Region held winter events at Newfound Lake in Bristol, NH but there is a rich history going back to the ‘70’s. Ice trials back in the day were similar to our current Autocross events but they were held out on the frozen lake and called races. They were timed events, one car at a time, with no wheel to wheel competition. Out on a lake that is seven miles long and three miles wide there is nothing to run into but staying on a marked course at any kind of speed is really hard to do. Cars can be out of control at 11 mph so it is a great way to learn to drive on ice for both new and experienced drivers.

             We will bring back this event in the same manner that it was run years ago. It is strictly a run what you brung event  with all manner of legal street driven cars, trucks and SUV’s allowed. Open exhaust is not allowed and current registration is required. Registration will be day of the event at the site just like the old days. There is a gas station/grocery store/diner ( across the street from the planned entrance that we will be using to gather entrants and collect the $25 (cash only) for each driver. Registration will be open from 8am – 10am.

             For those who want to drive up the day before we suggest the Bridgewater Inn on Mayhew Turnpike ( which is just ½ mile from the entrance to the lake.

             Timed runs will be done with stop watches (remember those?) and protests are not allowed. Classes will be based on type of tire used with separate classes for all season, snow, and ice tires. Summer tires are not allowed on the lake and studded tires are discouraged ( they tear up the course) and will be allowed on a case by case basis. Depending upon attendance, further classes will be set up using the engine over, engine remote and AWD the day of the event.

               As expected, cones will mark the course. Helmets are required (SA, M or K Snell ratings dated 2010 or later). 

                Some participant support will be needed to watch cones and monitor the course but that will be done from the comfort of your car and will only require a few people that we will select at the event.

                This has been a great way to practice driving on ice that we used to do in parking lots years ago. Teens can really benefit from this event to be prepared for winter driving in New England.  New drivers who are at least 16.5 years old with a full license may participate but will need to bring a waiver form signed by two parents.  Spectators are encouraged so if you just want to see what all the fun is, come up and see for yourself, it is about 105 miles north of Boston off Rt 93.  

                 Because conditions vary week to week and even day to day we will not be able to confirm  go/no go status until the Friday before the planned event. Posts will be placed on the Facebook page, on the PCA home page and emails will be sent to those who book this event (please book even if you aren’t sure you will attend so that we capture your email and can keep you informed).

Questions?  Contact Tom Tate  


Bookings are closed for this event.