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SoBo Porsches and Coffee – at the new Newport Car Museum

SoBo Porsches and Coffee - at the new Newport Car Museum


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Newport Car Museum
1847 West Main Road, Portsmouth, RI, 02871

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For this event we will be at a new venue – the just-opened Newport Car Museum in Portsmouth. Some local Porsche enthusiasts, including my wife and I, recently visited the museum. We all agreed that it is an engaging display of cars, artistically presented, including videos in each room about the cars shown in that room and, might we add, contemporary furniture and lighting. Therefore, to be a bit different, the scheduled 13 August South of Boston Coffee will be held at the Newport Car Museum, 1847 West Main Road, Portsmouth, RI. Go to newportcarmuseum.org for further details about the facility.

porsche 930 turbo 1979
Porsche 930 turbo 1979 in collection at Newport Car Museum

The owners will offer the Porsche drivers a reduced entry fee of $15.00 per person and use of the six available driving simulators which offer many types of vehicles and racetracks. My wife Rosemary selected a 356A and thoroughly enjoyed the simulated drive.

One of the various rooms will be set up to offer free coffee and donuts. Only water can be carried into the showrooms. In order to discern the Porsche people from other public entries your hand might have to be stamped. Also, a designated area for just the visiting Porsches should be in place (it is an immense parking lot).

For planning purposes, expect to spend about two hours at the facility, especially if you take a break for coffee and donuts and take a simulated drive (usually four laps) in your chosen car and racetrack. Doors open at 10AM. We may have sign up sheets for the simulation experience, especially if there is a large turnout.

For more information, please email Roger Slocum at: [email protected]