How Can You Drive $10M Vintage Porsches?

For those of us who haven’t sold their hedge fund just yet to invest in vintage cars, driving them electronically may be the closest we’re going to get.

But it was frustratingly hard to live out the Porsche life in games. Ever wonder why Porsche was perennially under-represented in the gaming world? Porsche had long locked up rights to put their cars into video games and simulators with EA Sports (for the Need For Speed and Real Racing franchises) but, after 16 years, that’s changing. That agreement has ended and we’re starting to see Porsches roll into Forza, Asseto Corsa, Project Cars 2, Grand Turismo, and others.

Why is this good news? While I’m sure we’d all love to drive a slew of vintage Porsches to the limit on tracks around the world (putting that hedge fund money to good use), even Patrick Long says he can’t do that! And how would you feel if you stuffed one into a wall? I guess it would buff out with a liberal application of money. But still – painful!

Karting may be the most economical way to get some amazing wheel-to-wheel racing experience, but simulators are certainly constantly improving. Project Cars 2 looks like they have the right person for the job helping tune the experience!