70 Up The Hill at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Tariq Horani

Porsche may have been a little slow getting out of the blocks to celebrate their 70th birthday, but they are more than making up for it with a huge presence at some very high-profile events. Take the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FOS) for instance. The festival is always an amazing show with just about one of nearly everything racing (in an interestingly “gentlemanly” manner) up what is in essence a British royal’s driveway! There are hundreds of thousands of onlookers and fans over the course of a whole weekend to watch people drive up a driveway at speed! And this year, it was a real treat to watch an array of Porsches – literally starting at Porsche #1 – all the way up to the 919 Evo and latest 991.2 Speedster. What was in between? Well, nearly everything. The icons – Moby Dick, an 804 (yes!) 917s, 904’s, 908’s, 935s – you name it…they sent it. Here’s an array of photos from a friend of ours, Tariq Horani, and a video for you to enjoy. Feel free to add more in the comments and let us know which cars were your favorites to see going up the hill!

pink-pig-le-mans-winner-goodwood-fos-2018-tariq-horani porsche-904-lineup-goodwood-fos-2018-tariq-horani porsche-911s-on-grid-goodwood-fos-2018-tariq-horani porsche-multi-color-911-goodwood-fos-2018-tariq-horani porsche-sculpture-gerry-judah-at-goodwood-fos-2018-tariq-horani

There were a few oddities at Goodwood this year too – how about a driverless car doing the racing?? Not sure I’m too excited about that. But here’s an interesting race – GT3RS versus drone – and with the drone pilot sitting in the passenger seat of the GT3RS during the race!! Something about it is pretty cool.