2018 Porsche Cayenne SUV

Added Spice

Porsche unveiled the 2018 version of the Cayenne SUV. While this may not be as exciting to the sports car crowd as the 911 Targa GTS might be, it is the car, along with the Macan, that allows Porsche to keep bu... Read More >>

Wheel to Wheel

Porsche has just announced a carbon fiber wheel option (for the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series). Very few production cars currently have carbon fiber wheels - just the Mustang GT 350R and Koenigseggs, that I can ... Read More >>
lala java cars and coffee renegades and rule breakers northborough ma

Renegades and Record Breakers

If you had to pick a place to park your Porsche and have some coffee, why shouldn't it be a place inspired by Sonny Bono that also had a hand in breaking two Guinness records - one for the largest surfboard and one for having the most riders on a surfboard? Th... Read More >>
356 outlaw prsphoto timeless garage

Mixing Old and New School

How do you make a 55 year old car drive like new but retain it's uber-cool look? Timeless Garage in Lisbon, Portugal took a swing with their "Outlaw White Walker" 1962 356B. It certainly looks like they were su... Read More >>