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Jamaican Bakin E36 PCA NER

The Winter Project

With the Mustang a no-go for the series we want to race in (American Endurance Racing and Champ Car), the Jamaican Bakin’ team bought an E36 BMW M3 race car as a replacement. The car was a successful BMW Club ... Read More >>

Life Changers

This past Wednesday was my last meeting in my current tenure. I became a member of the board four years ago, very shortly after I joined the PCA, and now, after three years as Membership Chair and one year as ... Read More >>

This Old Garage

 ( note  - This article contains a number of links that will take you away from the NER website.  Please read the whole article and THEN click on the links to proceed down the rabbit hole to the Internet! )   ... Read More >>

Audi Duty

Luis and the other millennials may not get the joke in the title, but I couldn’t resist. The new (to me – a 2018 actually) Audi Q7 had a couple of minor flaws that needed fixing, so I found myself in a loaner ... Read More >>
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