Down and Dirty

Spare the rod, spoil the…Cayenne? I’m not sure that’s exactly what I was taught as a child. But it must have been similar because watching this Cayenne tackle mud and ruts and hills and rocks…even some tarmac…is great fun! It’s funny that this is what paid the bills to develop the GT3’s and RS models of our world. Can’t say I’d mind having a go in this one. 

Here is a Cayenne S tackling Germany’s GORM Open Rally Raid. It’s a 24 hour race, apparently. Think of it as Le Mans but as a rally! If they had a four-mile long dirt straight and could hit 240 mph, it might qualify and the craziest form of motorsport ever!

We have, of course, seen Cayenne’s go up against grueling tasks already including the Transsiberian Rally (see 2008 below). Now, who’s ready to get dirty this year?

And some highlights: