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2024 DE at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

2024 DE at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park


05/24/2024 - 05/26/2024    
All Day


Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
205 E. Thompson Rd., Thompson, CT, 06277

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We are back at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park May 24, 25 & 26!

For our first DE event of the season we visit the rejuvenated road course at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. The course offers tricky pavement changes, challenging turns, and a long straight where some see impressive speeds. This is a great, technical track for tuning up our early-season skills. Friday will be an Advanced Day open to solo drivers only (Blue, White, Black and Red run groups). Saturday and Sunday will include a full DE for drivers in all run groups with special classes and exercises planned for our beginning drivers on Saturday.

Garage Reservations: Reservations for garages at Thompson are made directly with the track. You can access their reservation system here. Simply select the date(s) you are interested in and proceed from there (you may have to check back if the garages haven’t been released yet for our event). Garage spaces are $40? per day and you will have to go through this process for each day you want a garage.

Camping: Camping is available again this year Thursday thru Saturday nights. Fires are allowed only in designated camping areas and must be in containers designed for that purpose. Small home grills, hibachis and small gas grills are permitted in the paddocks if operated in a safe manner.

Social: There will be a social when the track day ends on Saturday, May 27th. Details for a catered dinner will be provided when available.

Registration for this event is open here and SpeedWaiver is here.

Event Information:

  • On-Line Driver’s Meeting Pack mandatory for all drivers! will be posted in May
  • Track Rats notes from Stan will be posted in May
  • Event Schedule will be posted in May
  • “iPhone” Schedule will be posted in May
  • Run Groups will be posted in May
  • Tech Team and Control/Staging Work Assignments will be posted in May
  • Student/Instructor Assignments will be posted in May
  • Registration Procedures with Adult with Minor waivers will be posted in May