Porsche Winter Prep

“Winter is coming”….

And walking to my car the other morning, it was a brisk yet sunny 37 degrees when I noticed the webbed frost, spread across my silver 996, from the fried eggs to the hips. Having spent the night at my parents’ place, it spent the night outside, but typically, my pampered 911 sleeps in an insulated (and hopefully soon to be heated) barn. Conversely, Big Alice, our 06 Cayenne S Titanium is a fearless beast. The SUV sleeps outside, impervious to the climate and ready for any adventure – sand, city or snow. Hands down, this Porsche wears the hosen in our haus and I fall in love with it more and more with every time I drive it (the caveat being, it’s also Jane’s daily driver)…do we need two Cayennes? 

Seeing the iced-over car, I also thought about Paul Skinner, who came over the other day to get his Boxster ready for hibernation. Then it occurred to me… that I too, need to prep my 911 for the Winter months.

So I went down the list of what that entails and what I needed to do…

  • Trickle charger – no
  • Cover – no
  • Mothballs – gross, and absolutely not
  • Fluids flushed and topped off – check
  • Carpet under the tires to avoid flat spotting – no

Ok so far so good! Then I considered additional Winter necessities:

  • Hose to spray the car down in between drives and proper washes (when not freezing) – check
  • Drains cleared, to avoid interior leaks – check
  • Blizzak wrapped winter wheels – safety first – check
  • Mini-Shovel, blankets and ice scraper in the frunk, can’t get stuck without ‘em– check
  • Ski Rack to shred the slopes – check
  • Tire gauge, compressor and basic tools – also in the frunk- check
  • Service and maintenance being up to snuff, because they should be anyway – check

Alright, I’d say my 911 is prepared for the Winter!

Some of us at NER may seem crazy to drive our Porsches year-round, but for some of us at NER it seems crazier NOT to drive our Porsches year-round.

To quote our year round,718 Spyder driving, Joe Cracco, ”Just try it once.” And if you already do it, join us for our “Winter Beaters” line up consisting of tech sessions, Cars and Coffee meet-ups (long johns recommended), SIM Racing and other events to keep having fun in the frigid months ahead.

Lastly, if you have cool ideas (no pun intended) or would like to volunteer for any events, please reach out and let’s have another awesome season at NER.  

See you soon PCA Crew!