Southern Roads & Museums: Pt 1

“You realize don’t you, that if we take this trip, Miss P is going to get wet.  If we are on the road for 10 or 12 or 14 days, EVENTUALLY it is going to rain.  And Miss P will get wet.  You realize what you are saying… right ?” That is my wife Linda talking a... Read More >>

The One That Got Away

Here’s another challenge to you, our readers, to recount your experience with the car purchase that got away for you. I’ll kick it off with my own, actually two cars that got away for me. (send your story to t... Read More >>

A Quick Pitstop with Bill

I got fired. Booted off the board. Ten years of service, and I get an email, not even a phone call. No pension, no gold watch, not even a Gala to go to. Crumbs and crickets. And yet I still have to write a column. Oh well. (Only kidding, of course. Term limit... Read More >>

Article II Thoughts

Seven years ago when I moved back to Massachusetts from the D.C. area and switched my PCA membership to the New England Region, I never anticipated what the following seven years would entail. I made it to a few auto-x’s, attended loads of cars and coffees, s... Read More >>