September 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

The September board meeting was held on September 8th via a video conference at 6:00 PM.  In attendance were: Kristin Larson – Treasurer Alan Davis – Secretary Lisa Burke – VP Administration Anker Berg-Sonne – VP Membership Jerome Gangitano –VP Driving Eve... Read More >>

The Dogs Of Tamworth

My longtime reader may recall a couple of columns that told the fictitious story of our dog Turbo and cat Gordo (RIP) participating in Autocross events. In point of fact, Turbo would probably be the least like... Read More >>

July 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

The June board meeting was held on July 14th via a video conference at 6:00 PM. In attendance were:    Nick Shanny – President    Kristin Larson – Treasurer    Alan Davis – Secretary    Lisa Burke – VP Administration    Anker Berg-Sonne – VP Membership    Jer... Read More >>