I’m having trouble logging into Porschenet.com

First off, very sorry you are having trouble. There are a couple of known issues and hiccups with the site that have not been easy to fix. The most common issue is that folks get locked out of the site. Please look at the screen carefully and read the information. When you try to log in – even with the correct credentials, the site requires that you verify via email. It will look like your login was unsuccessful, but the site will have sent you an email to the address it has on file for you. That email contains _a link you need to use_ to log in. Please don’t keep trying to login without going through the link. If you try to login – even with the right credentials but not using that link –  five times or more, you will get locked out. The site should reset the lockout after an hour…but if you don’t think the site is unlocking you, the best bet here is to email webmaster at porschenet.com so they can check that the site is working correctly and potentially help you. Please be patient with it and just email us if you have issues.

I’m new to Porschenet.com

Please register for the site by selecting a username and putting in your email address. You will receive a link in your email to come back to the site to see your new password or to reset it to what you’d like. If you don’t get an email fairly quickly, let us know at webmaster at porschenet.com.

I forgot my password

Please use the “Lost your password?” link on the login screen and enter your username or email. The system will email you a link to visit to reset your password. Either accept the suggested password or make up a new one. Make sure to remember it or note it as you’ll need the username and password to log in even after resetting it. And don’t forget to verify your login from your email as stated above!