I’m having trouble logging into Porschenet.com

First off, very sorry you are having trouble. There are a couple of known issues and hiccups with the site that have not been easy to fix. The most common issue is that folks get locked out of the site. They often know their username but try to use old passwords more than five times and get locked out. The site should reset the lockout after 10 minutes...but it sometimes fails to do so. And then you feel like you're locked out forever. You can't even request a password reset. The best bet here is to email webmaster at porschenet.com so they can check that the site is working correctly and potentially help you with your password reset. Emailing from the site sometimes breaks (it's a WordPress upgrade issue) and that's why you may not get the password reset emails you request. Again, apologies, but the site is a little finicky. Please be patient with it and just email us if you have issues.

My old username and password don't work anymore!

There was a period where the website was set to purposefully cause your old credentials to expire. And you needed to re-register. That has been fixed but if you need to, you can register with new credentials. During the registration process, you will be adding a username and the system will email you a link to your email address. Use that link to return to the site and it will suggest a strong password for you. You can keep that password and log in without issue. You can also change it right at that stage to what you'd like. You can always reset the password later as well.

I'm new to Porschenet.com

Please register for the site by selecting a username and putting in your email address. You will receive a link in your email to come back to the site to see your new password or to reset it to what you'd like. If you don't get an email fairly quickly, let us know at webmaster at porschenet.com.

I forgot my password

Please use the "Lost your password?" link on the login screen and enter your username or email. The system will email you a link to visit to reset your password. Either accept the suggested password or make up a new one. Make sure to remember it or note it as you'll need the username and password to log in even after resetting it.

I try to log in and I just get a spinning graphic

This is a problem we've seen with a few people now and unfortunately we do not yet understand why it is happening to those people. From other similar computers, we can use the same login and get into the system without any issue with the same user. In some cases it's due to being out of the country - we don't allow traffic from overseas for security reasons (the site gets attacked a lot from overseas, believe it or not). In one case, rebooting the user's cable modem/router cleared up his "spinning ball" issue! It's frustrating for all of us so we appreciate your patience as we try to figure it out. If you are seeing this problem, please let us know at webmaster@porschenet.com so we can gather more info about the problem in hopes of solving it. It seems that for those who do experience it, they seem to have it happen on whatever browser they use on that computer. For these same people, logging in on mobile devices often works (this one is usually a router/modem/network issue). Please try to use your mobile (on a mobile network, not the same wifi/network as your computer that does not work). If you are pressed for time and need to register for an event or need to do something immediately, please contact us. If you have issues but find a fix or workaround, please do let us know of issues so we can continue to try to reproduce the problems and solve them. Thanks!

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