new cleaning processes and procedures for porsche service from porsche warwick
new cleaning processes and procedures for porsche service from porsche warwick

Deep Cleaning Service For Your Porsche

It’s a painful and difficult time and car care isn’t a driving priority for me right now, but one of my cars did need a regular service done and I was curious to know how local dealer service centers were dealing with the new challenges of COVID 19. So I decided to take a trip down to see how they were handling service at this time. I was expecting to be impressed, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn of a new service offering – deep cleaning your car interior with a new process in ways we can’t do at home, even if you are a home-car-detailer extraordinaire. They can sanitize the interior workings of your climate control system! They demonstrated for me how they have a steam cleaning machine running an isopropyl alcohol and water mix that can actually go through the vents of your car and sanitize the fans and tubing down deep in your dashboard. I hadn’t even thought enough about that challenge to know to ask for it. As expected, they are a step ahead.

In these difficult times, it’s great to know how much Porsche and their dealerships are thinking ahead and how committed they are to our safety. If you need service, Porsche Warwick and others, I’m sure, will pick up your vehicle from your home, service it, and return it to you. The deep steam cleaning service can be added to other procedures or done on it’s own for your peace of mind. Check out the video above to see the new processes they are using for keeping your car and their loaner fleet cars sanitized and safe. We thank them for their proactive thinking.

Please be sure to support those businesses and people who support our club. They give to us in our time of need and now is our time to give back to help these companies and especially their employees. Let’s all come out on the other side of this together!

Video and story – Sterling Vernon